5 of my favorite Danganronpa V3 ships

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Before I continue, I just wanna say that THIS WILL HAVE SOME MAJOR SPOILERS. If you haven't seen or play Danganronpa v3, I recommend that you don't read this. This is my opinion. You guys don't have to agree with me but put your favorite ship in the comments. Enjoy.

#5. Shuichi x Kiibo

Don't get me wrong, I do like this ship and I do ship it but, I don't really understand why this is a cannon. Can someone please explain this to me. I just really don't understand this one.

#4. Tenko x Himiko

I love this as much as the other ships. I prefer Angie x Shinguuji and Tenko X Himiko than Angie x Himiko. In the end, this is a pretty good ship.

#3: Rentaro x Shuichi

I like this ship ALOT. This is a very good ship that hasn't sunk. When I look at the characters, I always think that Shuichi, Kaede and Rentaro are like Hinata, Chiaki and Nagito or Makoto, Kyouko and Byakuya. This is third because I have 2 more ships that more of my OTP.

#2: Maki x Kaito

These two are impossible to say no to. These show great affection to each other and Maki even says that it was the first time to help and not hurt someone. This is a perfect ship but I have a bigger OTP.

Honorable Mentions:

Angie x Himiko:

They make a good couple but they didn't exactly make it because I like the others. Just because they aren't in the top 5, doesn't mean that they aren't one of my favorites.

Kokichi x Rentaro

I do like this ship but I don't see why this is a cannon. I prefer Shuichi x Kokichi than this one. I just don't understand this one.

#1: Kiibo x Kokichi

This is my OTP. I love this ship too much. This one you can never take this away from me. The ultimate Supreme Leader x the ultimate Robot is the my OTP. I love how they are both different but so cute together.

This is just my opinion and on v3. I will be make top 5 for v2 and v1 (If you guys want)

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