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Chapter 2: Genuas

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"It's a shame," a muffled voice said, a face hidden in some type of strange mask. "This child isn't worth the effort."

"Nonsense," replied a different voice, muffled behind a similar mask. "Perhaps this being can be of use to us."

The first white stranger takes out a device, and a red light is scanned over the baby's body. The bright light makes him cry. "I can confirm that this human indeed has higher than normal brain potential compared to others in the nearby regions, as well as an impressive immune system."

"Must be from the genetic mix. It is uncommon for these nations to breed with one another; this child is a rarity."

"I concur," nodded the first masked stranger. "Queen Gwendalynne would be very pleased."

With one carrying the baby and the other carrying a white bag-like container, the masked strangers walk out of the cave with crunching footsteps. The cries of Irena's and Lenarte's son can be heard echoing deep in the darkness. It didn't seem to waver the masked strangers, however.

Arriving at the palace, the guards inspect the ID's of the strangers, letting them into a grand foyer. A servant leads them to an elevator, where they stop at the very top floor. Down a long hallway, they walked, stopping in front of a large steel door. The servant presses a button and talks into a speaker, "My Queen, the scientists are here."

There was a brief silence. "Access has been granted."

A light, a single ding, and an indicator above the doorknob turning from red to green signaled the servant to open the door. The room was a large office, with a dark wooden floor and gray walls. The Queen was in front of a computer screen, typing, not glancing up once as the scientists go directly to her desk. The baby was shushed by now, precious eyes closed and a very light snore was heard every once in a while if you listened close enough.

The one holding the baby spoke first. "We have brought you an interesting specimen, my Queen. During our research on Island 2761-C, we discovered this human within the igneous rock. The volcanic eruption that we predicted occurred while the parents were within the main channel-veins."

"Based on our calculations, this human offspring should not have survived," explained the other stranger. "Molten rock with extremely high temperatures should have killed the child along with the parents. There was an approximately 0.001% of survival, yet this being not only endured, but he is healthy despite some mild asbestos within the lungs, according to the scanner."

There was the typing of the keys. More typing, then silence. A slight creak of the chair was heard and the sharp clacking of heels went around the desk and in front of the scientists. Queen Gwendalynne was tall--much taller than the scientists despite their own staggering height. Dark hair was combed tightly and neatly in a bun behind her head, and she had large, calculating, intense gray eyes. Eyebrows perfectly trimmed, with a small nose and thin lips. Her skin was very pale, and she wore an outfit more fit for an executive secretary rather than a Queen. Hands behind her back, she merely glances at the child in one of the scientists' arms.

"Take the child. I need a detailed report sent to me by tomorrow morning of this human's genetics, ancestry, and capabilities. I need proof that this specimen has potential. Once I have that document, I will make my decision on what to do with this baby. You are dismissed."

Carrying the baby, the scientists walk out of the office, and the Queen returns to her computer screen, typing away.

At the lab, the baby was placed in an incubator, with all sorts of microbes and tubes placed around his body. He seemed asleep, but really, he was placed under medical anesthesia. Machines were heard beeping as the scientists silently tapped buttons, monitored screens, and scribbled on papers. Even in the lab, the scientists wore masks and protective gear, even though the incubator was in a sterile room where they observed through the glass above their computers and other machines. The last thing they wanted was to contaminate their experimentation.

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