Random Hero story (GxG)

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My body was tied up as I'm constricted to minimal movements as it was strewn across the floor,  my gaze zoomed across the room to try and find a way out of this mess.I suddenly stopped when my eyes met yours.

Your eyes were beautiful a mixure of pale green and blue wide and full of emotions unlike your usually stoic expression placed upon your face. As I looked at you noticing your change in uniform as you wore their clothes with their emblem over your heart as your arms were crossed as a hood concealed your recently dyed black hair and majority of you features that weren't covered by the mask that hid your expressions.

As what I expected was the main leader walked over to a table with an assortment of torture 'toys' scattered upon it in an organised fashion. They eventually picked up a heavy metal crowbar as swugit between hands in a playful manner. "Oh hello little Phantom, what a pleasure to meet you again. But it is a shame it will be the last." He smirked as he raised his weapon and collided it with My side.

As my breath quickens with each hit,my nails digging into my palms trying not to scream due to the pain. As my lungs are slowly closing in upon themselves. I can't do anything as I wish I could of something anything really. Just to save you. Blackness starts to surround my vision as I see him smirking as he continuously collided his crowbar on my already battered body. I honestly didn't think I could do anything But I am willing to try. Ill do anything to help

*If Im always going to be there for you you got to be there for me. Promise?*

After all I did promise to save your ass and be there for you. Another hit one after the other as my vision slowly darkened by the second. As each hit was more excruciating than the last. As I guess that you switched sides as heroes and even anti-heroes were slowly disappearing and depleting in numbers as you went to the assumed winning side as you betrayed us in this coldblooded kill or be killed war that we were both pulled into involuntary. As we are now on opposite sides and forbidden to see each other as it tears me apart not being able to see your beautiful face and your mesmerising eyes that can read past my lies that i'd say when i'd pretend that everything was okay.

You just knew me that way. You are your way over as you lifted my chin up with two fingers as you looked at me in the eyes once more as I saw your heart internally break though your eyes when you saw it was me.You hesitated as you lifted your other hand as I waited for impact on my cheek. My head rapidly turned to one side as a stinging pain was left.

"That was just the start of the pain, so prepare yourself" You explained after half heartedly chuckled to keep up an act as you walked off.
I closed my eyes once more taking hit by hit as my body was slowly giving up. I wanted to cry and scream from the pain but i knew I shouldn't.

Whack!Whack! All of a sudden there was another crack this time im the upper leg as the pain just got insufferable. As my throat have out a pain-filled scream.It was painful to even scream as it damaged my throat slightly. Years started to fall down my cheeks as they landed gently upon the floor.
You burst back into the room as you heard the pain I was in. Your head fell lower than it was as you spoke in a demanding tone to let me go.

They let me go apart from one as he kept on hitting me. When I was lifted off of the ground bridle style by my lover.

"Lets go then love,I'll expalin when we get back." She looked at me as I nodded In response to her suggestion. Also wanting to watch Netflix as a new anime was on there.
When we got there she laids me down uponh sofa in a comfortable and painless postiton. As she kised me on the forehead gently as i feel asleeo with a slight smile on my face.


Here was my/yours first if me tryin to write insight on my GxG trying to write as I've only ever written BxB and BxF

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