The Orphanage

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Amelia was abandoned at birth, left outside an orphanage in the city of London in 1876. She was left over night on the doorstep until one of the children found her. The orphanage was a big, old building owned by a wealthy Middle Aged man with a scandalous reputation. He had invested in the building to make money. People would donate money to orphanages as they would feel sorry for the children abandoned or with no mother or father.                                                                                                                             

Mr Hopper (the middle aged wealthy man who owned the orphanage) would make a profit of this. Some say he never really cared for the children's welfare, only the money. Others said he was a generous man who did care for the children, but that's mainly biased opinions from his wealthy friends. Overall, the orphanage had over 100 children and 20 staff. Not one of the staff knew a single thing about children. If they did they would have expected a higher pay. Mr Hopper only employed desperate staff, this meant he could scam them and pay them less than any well employed and educated staff.

The orphanage had five floors, the top floor was were the children slept and the fourth were the staff slept and then the third were the English and maths rooms etc, the second was were the music room was and certain rooms on that floor were not to be entered such as Mr Hoppers office and a private room which none of the children knew what was in there, and of course the library was on the second floor also. Finally, the first floor was were the kitchen, living room, dining hall was. The garden was beautiful. It had the most excellent creatures lurking around it, and there were trees, lot and lots of big trees. It was a very huge garden and that was most likely why it was so beautiful. There was a certain area of the garden which was cut off to the children. Nobody knew why it was just part of Mr Hoppers strict rules he made.

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