Chapter Four

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‘ I am so doomed. Fuck! That will be the end of me. Rest in peace my poor soul. Hope you rest in heaven. ‘ I thought as I gathered my courage, to look at the man who I pumped to.

He had green hair, which I found pretty strange to say the least. He also had blue eyes, and so much tattoos.

He didn’t have a shirt one, which made his muscles, tattoos and abs all in view. He had a stoned chest, and six abs. Whoa! That was quite enough to send a blush upon my face.

He grabbed my arm roughly, and asked “ What the hell were you doing in that room? “

I gulped, and didn’t know how to answer him. I didn’t know how to reply, and didn’t have a good excuse. I cursed, as I thought about making up a lie, but it wouldn’t be a good excuse.

“ I was passing by, and then a man tried raping me so I ran away, and then something brought me to that room. “ I thought, laughing at the stupid situation.

“ What are you laughing at, bitch? “ he said, tightening his grip on my hand. It started hurting to be honest, and I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be so easy. Okay it would probably leave a bruise.

‘ Ugh! Fuck my life! ’ I thought, as I mentally face palmed.

“ Answer me. “ he said, angrily. What was wrong with him?! Oh! Fighters didn’t have much of a um.. What was the word? Oh, right! Temper.

“ I asked you something, bitch. “ he said, tightening his grip, making me wince in pain, as tears started forming in my eyes.

“ I… I…. “ I started, but could not continue. The pain was actually preventing me, as some silent screams started coming to my mouth.

His grip was too much to handle, specially that my hand was broken three weeks ago.

“ You what? “ he snapped. His face was turning red from anger. That guy sure had some anger issues there.

“ I… “ this time I was cut out, by someone talking.

“ Let her go, Leo. “ said a strong voice, that was so familiar. I didn’t look at the man, as I was too scared to.

The pain in my hand was still there, well it was getting worse. He was boiling with anger. I felt my hand burning, as it was turning red, because of the tighten. I wasn’t used to all of that, which made it much worse.

“ Malik, she came out of your room. “ said the guy, that was called Leo.

“ Well, it is my room not yours, so you shouldn’t deal with her instead of me. “ That fucking voice. It was so fucking familiar. That was getting on my nerves. That was when I remembered.

“ Now, malady, I have claimed you as mine... “ my eyes widened, as I thought about it. Could that voice belong to the same guy? Was I in that guy's room? Fuck! I was so doomed…

I looked at that ‘ Malik ‘ guy, getting enough of his familiar voice. I had to know if he was the same guy.

‘ There goes nothing. ‘ I thought as I looked at him. 

He was the same guy, as I thought. The guy, who had claimed me as his, was the guy standing in front of me. His black spiky hair was even more messy, but it had some water on it. He was shirtless, as that Leo guy.

However, Malik was quite better than him. Malik's chest was so toned, and had some water droplets on it. His perfect eight abs were all in view. I could tell he exercised a lot. He didn’t have that mask on, so I could clearly see his gorgeous face.

He had black hair, and blue eyes. He had a little tanned skin, but it wasn’t much. His jaw line was quite strong, and I felt myself blushing furiously at the wild thoughts that I had.

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