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Doom Cathedral 7th Stage ~ Darkness

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My hands reach out towards the angel, Anzhela, I recalled vaguely. My fingertips brushed against her falling feathers, as I reached further.

But pain slashed through me. I withdrew, finding claw marks down the back of my hands.

I let out a silent cry, and the demons laughed at me, poking their tongues out at me as they pulled more feathers out.

The angel screamed. It struck my heart. I grew cold.

The feathers stopped falling.

The demons stopped laughing, mouths opened as their hands held onto the wings of Anzhela.

Anzhela stopped in mid-scream.

It was like time had stopped.

I wriggled my fingers. I could move in this timeless space. I began to move forward, prying the demons' grip and leading Anzhela, which 'unfroze', away from this wretched version of hell.

The darkness gave away to light, and I was on real solid ground again.


Joan sat in her room, fuming. Chase had pushed her in and locked her in.

'I want to do some ass-kicking!' She fumed quietly and kicked the air.

She stood up, kicking the door.

"Let me out, asshole!" She shouted angrily.


Echo turned, ready to face the new threat, legs and arms in a fighting stance already.

"Spidanta doesn't fight unless I order it too. I only asked it to chase you away." Menace came out of the shadows, a small frown forming on his lips.

Echo didn't trust him at all. She growled, glaring at him fiercely.

Menance's mouth thinned into a straight line, as he chanted something. Echo heard some of the words and realised it was a healing spell. Quickly, she charged at him to startle him, hoping that would stop him from finishing the spell. But he calmly dodged and twisted her hand to touch her back as he finished the spell.

Th creature screeched as legs started to grow back, and Menace handed over Echo to the the creature as he pried her sword out of her grip.

Menace examined the sword as the captured girl struggled.

"So you're the infamous Tigeress, Apprentice of the Flame? Surprising, with that girly dress and looks." Menance commented. "I thought you would be more boyish, like that loud girl Joan."

Echo hissed. "Why don't you try me with a duel then? I'll show you how much fight the Tigeress has!"

Menance rolled his eyes.

"Like I would waste energy on someone as weak as you. Spidanta, take her back to her room."

But Echo already had a plan forming. She whispered a small chant while her back was facing Menance. A small dagger formed between her fingers, as she squirmed a bit and aimed.

She brought the dagger down against the creature's lower abdomen, where like ants, she guessed was the heart. The creature screeched as Echo darted out of its loosened grip and ran, dodging Menance's attack spells. Menance yelled in anger as she slipped away.


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