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Kingdom of Zion - located on the center of Aramean world, the world in the midst of heaven and earth, invisible to a human eye yet do exist.

Aramean has four town:

1. Valley at the east - where magicians, mages and sages were trained and lived. They were lead the magician Alphurfa, the guardian of the east.

2. Mountains of north - Where Royalties and high class where trained. they are warriors in horses. full armored and classed by two, arhers and swordsmen. They are lead by the white knight, the great leon guardian of the north, and he’s both an archer and a swordsman.

3. South plains - the village of warriors, where men and young men were trained to be a warrior and armor bearer. The village was lead by Rhune the alpha warrior, and the guardian of the south, and has a daughter, lady Roushen.

4. Plains of the west -where the priest and priestess lived and were lead by Alphurfa the high priest.

The Armor bearer - every Aramean warrior at the south has an armor bearer. ther are trained the one who carries the warriors Armor and weapon. they are trained to protect their warrior back to back and assure every weapon and armor are it best. To be an armor bearer, you should first become a Smith. Armor bearer should be loyal, they die along with their master.

The Smith- they are the one responsible in making the weapon specifically metal weapons and armor. There to kind of Smith. One is the one who stayed at the armory and second are the armor bearer.

Armor bearers are also classified in class.

AB-archers , AB –swordmans and;

AB- royal - these are the ones who stayed by the side of the royalties, highly trained and loyal. These are Smiths who are trained to be an armor bearer and a warrior at the same time.

The black smith - these are the free lance smiths without masters. Most of them does underground work for the enemies

The villagers are the ones who lived inside the fortress of Zion, they are mothers, kids and men that are not able fight.

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