003; Drugs?

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After school Sadie and Caleb walked to Caleb's house and played a game of Mario Cart-Sadie Won- then the two lovers sat on Caleb bed cuddled and hands enlaced while they watched a horror movie. The time without arguing parents seemed to fly bye to Sadie, soon it was seven O'clock and Sadie was told to always be home by seven thirty. Sadie waved goodnight to Caleb and placed a small kiss on his cheek, she told Caleb's family goodnight as well, as she ran out the door and towards her home. Once Sadie arrived at her house she saw her mothers vehicle in the driveway and headed towards the front door,  hoping her parents weren't arguing. She opened the door and saw her mother in the kitchen, at first she didn't know what her mom was doing but then she realized her mother was holding a cigarette of some sort and opened a bottle of pills, popping one into her mouth. A strong smell filled her nostrils causing Sadie to cough and cover her mouth, alerting her mother. Her mom immediately put out the cigarette and closed the pill bottle.

"What are you mom?" Sadie asks acting as if she hadn't seen anything. "It reeks in here."

"Yeah, I think the garbage disposal is stopped up and is releasing that odor." Her mom smiles.

"Oh." Sadie mumbles and grabs a coke from the refrigerator, she spots cans of beer. "I didn't think you drunk."

"I don't, your father does. He has a hard work life and comes home stressed." Sadie's mom explained.

Sadie nods slowly and closes the refrigerator. Sadie begins to make her way to her bedroom to think of what she just witnessed. Does her mother do drugs?

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