The necklace

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Dear dairy,

Today was the day of magcon. Nash said were going to be there for two and a half weeks. why? I have no idea. I'm still not used to calling Nash my brother. It just sounds weird. I really miss cameron and my old mom. I have been texting cameron all day. Shawn had been calling and FaceTimeing at least twice a day. we'll talk on the phone for hours. I really just want my old life back. before magcon, Taylor, shawn, nash, even life. I just wish I could make it disappear like a dream.

- H -

I closed my diary and put it under my pillow. I got up and toke a shower. I remembered the date. Shit! it's that time of the month... ugh! I got ready and put on a teal crop top and white shorts. I curled my hair. I put on light make up and brushed my teeth. Last night Hayes friends spent the night. I learned the one that hit on me is named jack and the other Gavin. I had fun nash showed me a tour of the house, it's huge! no joke! We have a dog like jake but nashes is a pug.

I walked out of my room and hear boys laughing. I opened the door to see there all shirtless. Great 3, 13 year olds shirtless. I look down and giggle to my self. I look back up and say "I'm going to get donuts anyone want some?"

"Yea! just get us each one" Hayes said. I nodded closed the door. I walked down and see that nash is awake. He is sitting on the couch with sky. ( I call her that. and I made up a name for nashes stepdad so don't be mad at me!)

"Hey I'm going to go and get donuts want any?" I asked

"Yess! I want chocolate!" sky said. I laughed and so did Nash. "haha just get some for all of us. oh and mom and john are out for the day." He said. I nodded. I'm guessing Hayes knows I'm his sister.... I hope and sky probably doesn't, she's to young. I walked out and I know were I'm going because Allysa lives around here. I turned the conner and bumped into someone. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." I said. I bent down and helped pick up the books I knocked out of his or her hands. "here" I said handing 'him his book'. "ha thanks. by the way my names Jacob, Jacob whitesides." he said standing up. He held out his hand for me, I gladly accepted. "thanks and I'm Hannah, Hannah dallas or Hannah Grier." I said giggling a little. "wait are you Hannah dallas? cameron dallas little sister?" he asked. "yea but I'm not related to cameron I'm related to nash grier." I said.

"Oh cool well I will see you around." he said and walked away. He had a guitar on his back. must play? yea. He had this charm that was cute. I started to walk down to the donut shop. I ended up buying 20 donuts and 2 coffees. I walked back home and the boys, sky and I ate. I went up stairs and had a text from cameron.

Cameron 😋- hey sis I'm happy to see you tonight!

Me- I am to! can't wait!

I looked up from my phone and saw something on my desk shinning. It looked silver. I got up and walked over to it. It was the necklace Taylor got me. it says 'Tays bae' in a heart. I remember when he gave me this.


"Hey" I said as Taylor opened his door. he smiled "hey" he said. he opened the door wider so I could walk in. I gladly accepted and walked in. "so what did you need?" I asked looking at him.

"I got you something" he said

"Taylor! you don't need to get me something!" I said crossing my arms. He walked over to his bag and grabbed a black box. He walked over to me and said "first stop crossing your arms! it's not lady like and it hides you wonderful body! and second turn around."

I undid my arms and turned around. His hands came to my face, I lifted in my hair and he put the necklace on me. "Done" he said. I walked over to the mirror and looked at it. "Omg taylor! its so pretty! Thank you so much!" I said hugging him. "your welcome... you deserved it." he said. I let go and kissed him. it was deep and romantic. His hands trailed down to my but. I jumped and he caught me. He walked over to the bed and laid down not breaking the kiss. It got heated quickly. He tugged at my shirt and pulled it off. I toke off his shirt and then....My phone rang. "really?" I said not getting off of Taylor. I got my phone out of my pocket and answered it. "ok.....ok! bye" I hung up and sighed. "that was cameron. I half to go."

"What? please stay" tay said

"I'm sorry I can't. I love you thank you so much again. bye love you!" I said putting my shirt back on and hugging and kissing Taylor.

"Bye love you to" he said. I walked out and went to my and camerons room."what do you want?"

*end of flashback*

I smiled at the memory. I grabbed the necklace and got my dairy. I set the necklace on a page. I got tape and tapped it there. I wrote

'When Taylor gave me this necklace. I miss it. Him and I, us. He would care for me through anything. But I have shawn. my love right now. everything is perfect. too perfect. I just hope nothing breaks it.'

I closed it and put it in my bag for magcon. "Hannah are you ready?" nash yelled. "yea hold on!" I said. I grabbed my duffle bag and suitcase. I walked down stairs and a woman was there. I had a confused face. "oh hi! I'm jacks mom! I'm here to get him and gavin." she said. "oh hi" I said shaking here hand. the two boys came running down the stairs. "boys say thank you" she said "thank you" they said in unison.

They walked out and jack winked at me. I giggled and closed the door.

Knock knock*

I re- opened the door to see a tall blonde with green eyes. "hey, I'm here to babysit sky" she said. I smiled and let her in. Nash came In with sky. "Rachel!" she screamed and ran over to I guess Rachel. "ready?" I asked nash. "we have to wait for hayes" he said

"Oh he's going?" I asked


"Okay! I'm ready!" Hayes said coming down the stairs. I smiled and walked out the door. we got into the car and drove off. I wonder how the fans will react when we tell them in not a dallas.

But the only thing I could think of was that necklace.

It ment something..... but what?...

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Love ya! 😘

(( and guess what! I have camerons snapchat and he responded! we were snapping for hours! I was so happy! ugh I'm still fangirling! : 5-18-14💖

- Hannah - 💖

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