New Couple?

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No One's POV


"Baekkie, come on! We already missed first hour!" yelled Chanyeol as he stood by the front entrance. Baekhyun trudged behind slowly and worriedly.

"Channie, what if they judge us?" Chanyeol walked to Baekhyun and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Don't worry. I doubt that would happen." Baekhyun scrunched his nose.

"How are you so confident?"

"I know a guy, Kris. That's all you need to know."

Baekhyun sighed and nodded his head. He took Chanyeols hand in his and they walked in to the front office to get their schedules.

Tao's POV


As second hour started the teacher said 2 new students were coming. So we waited and about 4 minutes passed and there was a knock. We all silenced ourselves as the teacher opened the door and brought in two students.

I wanted to pinch their cheeks!

The shorter one, looked so cute but shy and worried. He hid himself behind the big one, holding his hand. The big one looked hot and cute combined. He had on a big derpy smile. He seemed outgoing.

"Annyeonghaseyo. I'm Chanyeol and this little guy is Baekhyun. We hope this year and the next we will get to be great friends!"

Whoa. His deep voice was unexpected.

"I'm Baekhyun. Nice to meet you."

I guess his voice went with his looks.

But wowow. All the girls were drooling. Even some of the guys!

"Okay, boys. You can sit by Tao. Tao if you could raise your hand." I nodded and rose my hand, smiling.

They both walked to me. One sat beside me while the other in front of me. "Hey."

"Hi!^^ I hope you'll like this school. I'm new too, so I still have to meet some more people."

"Oh? Who do you know so far?" Asked Baekhyun.

"Um.. Kris. Oh and Lay! But he moved here today."

Chanyeol moved closer to me. "Kris as in Wi Yu Fan?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, do you know him?"

"The teacher said your name was Tao right?" I nodded again. Where was he going with this?

"Baekkie, this is Kris' lover!" He whispered yelled. I almost choked on the air. Lover? So does Kris like me?? Or did Kris mean to say something else?

"No, no. We aren't dating. We're just.. Uh.. Fuck Buddies." I whispered to them. They looked at each other and looked at me.

"Why don't you guys just da-"

He was interrupted when a girl tapped on his shoulder.


"Oppa.. Are you dating anyone? Would you like to go on a date with me?"

I saw Baekhyun get up and he looked like he was going to attack the girl but Chanyeol answered saying, "I do have one. It's Baekhyun^^. So I would have to decline your request to go out with me."

The girl looked at Chanyeol and Baekhyun. She nodded her head and apologized.

"Aw, Was Baekkie jealous?" Asked Chanyeol teasingly. I saw Baekhyun blush. So cute! "No."

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