Wolverine's Daughter. (1)

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Listening to Laurie sing is like ripping a piece of ducttape off your body. Painful. Lasting pain, that we all had to endure, just because my aunt, Lucinda, wanted to 'have bonding time' before we all went back to school. Of course, my dad taught hand-to-hand combat, so we'd see him, but poor Lucinda was gonna be all alone. Which is why we all had to stay and listen to my older sister, Laurie, belt out the lyrics to 'I Need a Hero' into the karoke machine microphone.

I looked at everyone. Ava could control water, and was watching her twin with a slight interest. The twins were eighteen. Koda, who was fourteen, had the ability to shapeshift into a giant white bear. Hayley could run faster than a bullet that's just been shot. She had her face screwed up in the most unadorable six year old expression. Daken was just like my dad, though instead of growing metal claws, he grew claws of bone, healed faster than most people, and could smell things from miles away. He was like a twenty year old, less-improved version of our father. And my dad? Well, he's the guy most people know as Wolverine. My dad, sitting on the far right side of the couch, was sipping on a beer. He looked like he was in pain. I felt sorry for him. He had super hearing, super healing, the works, which of course, made this experience even worse for him.

And then there was me.

I was the odd one out of the family, the one with No Powers. At all. Lucinda, who had the ability to grow and shrink, said that she was sure that they'd kick in sometime. Some people told me that I was lucky, but they were crazy. Lucky? What was lucky about my situation?

I was knocked out of my thinking when someone knocked the door. We all looked at each other for a minute before jumping off the couch all at the same time, trying to find a good excuse to get out of there. We were practically trampling each other when my dad said in a loud voice, "Hey!"

We stopped and looked at him. He looked directly at me. "Nico, go open the door for your friend." I smirked and dragged myself out from under the pile that had been formed, walking to the door. Suckers. I opened it and came face to face with my best friend. "Skye!" I cheered. He looked like he had swallowed something that tasted bitter. "Why is somebody letting Laurie sing?"

"Lucinda wants some family time before we leave."

"Oh. Okay then, this means goodbye." He turned to try and run but I grabbed the back of his shirt. "Oh no you don't. If I have to suffer, you have to suffer."

"You do know that I could drag you across the grass, right Nicolette?"

"I know that you won't. Now come on Skye." I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the house shutting the door behind me and dragging him to the livingroom.

"Hey Skye." My dad greeted him without looking up. Laurie was almost finished now, extending the ending a little bit just to make us suffer.

"I NEED A HERO!" She finished, throwing her head back. Daken held his head. "Oh thank God." He said in a quiet voice. My dad put down his beer, standing up and clapping. "That was--"

"Terrible," Koda coughed. Laurie glared at him. "You're just jealous of my talent." She said, flipping her hair a bit. He stifled a laugh. "Oh yeah. That's it, Laur. I'm SO jealous."

Laurie was about to shoot something back when Lucinda raised her hands. "All right, all right, onto the next thing. We're going to play--" She pulled out the box from behind her back--"Charades!"

We all groaned, rolling our eyes. Charades never worked out because my dad cheated, we ended up fighting about whether someone had gotten it right or not, and someone usually got frustrated, snatched the card from the reader and ripped it into itsy bitsy tiny pieces. Lucinda looked at us. "No Charades? Fine, we'll play Scrabble."

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