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Nanlamig ang buong sistema ko noong nakita ko si Ricci sa likod ko. My hands are trembling at kinakabahan ako.

Narinig niya kaya?

I remained to be normal. Hindi ko pinapahalata na nagulat ako sa presence niya. But there's something in him na parang kilala niya ako. Parang sa bawat tingin niya, he wants to know the real me and that's what I'm scared of.

I'm scared that someone will know about my secret. I'm not gonna let it happen because it will ruin everything and I'm not yet ready.

Tinanong ko si Ricci kung kanina pa siya doon, he answered no at in-appreciate niya lang daw ang ganda ng halaman. I didn't know that a guy like him would really love plants. I think he's not lying naman kaya I just shrug it off and umalis na.

Umuwi ako sa dorm at hindi na pumasok sa next class ko dahil late na din naman ako. My professor's too strict when it comes to attendance. It will just ruin my day kapag nakipagtalo pa ako sa kanya.

I laid down in my bed and crazy scenarios that I don't want to happen kept on replaying on my head.

Tears started falling down to my cheeks and I can't even breath. Naramdaman kong bumukas 'yung pinto ng kwarto and I heard several footsteps coming.

"Kain daw tayo sa Agno. Yayain kaya natin si Mich?" I heard Ate Justine's voice, I remained silent kahit pigil na pigil na ako sa mga luha ko.

"I think she's sleeping, ayaw niya ma-istorbo lalo na kapag tulog siya." Aduke said. She's a live saver. "Hmm okay. I-take out nalang natin siya ng food." Ate Des said and I heard the door closed.

Minutes after, my phone vibrated and it was Bettina who texted me.

Bettina: Can you please go downstairs? Let's talk. I brought some ice cream for the both of us :)

I smiled and wipe my tears off, nagpalit muna ako ng normal clothes ko kapag nasa dorm ako. After that, I went downstairs and saw Bettina sitting on the couch holding two pieces of one gallon ice cream.

"Bati na tayo," she said and she envelope me into a warm hug. "I'm sorry for acting like a bitch." Bettina mumbles while patting my head like a kid. "Sorry din kung hindi kita pinapakinggan sa mga advices mo—I just can't tell you right now. I'm sorry..." I aplogized and another batch of tears started flowing down again.

"It's okay. There's always time for everything, Mich. As a bestfriend, I respect your privacy and as well as your decision." she says while wiping off my tears.

"Stop crying, Mich. I'm here for you, always remember that." sabi niya at  niyakap niya ako.

What did I do to deserve a bestfriend like her?

"Okay. Enough with the drama. Let's eat our ice cream na," Bettina said and we both laughed.


Heavily breathing, I went outside the coaster. Madaming fans ang nag-aabang sa labas ng Arena, many of them opted for pictjte and video greetings. After that, pumasok na kami sa loob.

We entered our team's dug out and nakahanda na doon lahat ng gamit namin. All we need to do is to change into our playing attires and put our knee pads and as well as our tapes.

My phone vibrated nonstop and I got a text from numerous people. Even Josh texted me.

Josh: Game day today! I know you can do it, babe 💚 I love you 😚

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