Once again as the clock ticked away at each second, Gabriel stood on his balcony, and looked forward, until he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. Turning around slightly as he looked down at his hand, he gasped. Fully facing inside the room, he glanced down at his wife and let out a breath he was holding.

Angelica giggled and blew her husband a kiss. Her right hand grabbed Gabriel's poorly bandaged one and bought it to her fabric covered belly that was being cradled with her other hand, diamond wedding ring glinting as Gabriel shifted his eyes down.

"Pregnant?" he mouthed.

Angelica giggled again and shook her head as if Gabriel was playing around with her. Slowly lifting up the her gaze to his eyes, she looked at him lovingly, and he returned the gesture every so softly. A look he had never been able to give her, without something bad following them like a dark cloud. Gabriel looked up and noticed she was gone. Like she had never been there before. Like it was some sort of dream, teasing him with a future that could never happen. Would never happen.

How could something so pure love him after what he had done to her? What he had done to her family? What mess he had created in her life? By every god in every religion, he knew he wanted it. He craved it. He craved to be loved, just as his mother loved his father. Just as Daniel's mother loved her husband. He wished for it. A sense of belonging. Belonging in someone's arms and someone's heart.

In a split second, Gabriel had run out of his now cleaned up room, through the hallways and down the stairs, receiving a knowing look from his men. Bursting through the doors that would take him to the small medical wing under his house, he raced to see his wife and the condition she lay in. It had been too many hours without seeing his angel.

Gabriel's footsteps came to a halt as he stood outside the curtains that blocked him from his wife. She must have been injured in other places of her body, he recollected, as he had made sure the doctor who was taking over her care was informed that no man was to see her body, unless family.

A deep breath.

Another deep breath.

Gabriel wasn't ready for what he was about to see behind the curtain. He saw how horrid her visible injuries were. He saw what state his wife was in. He knew what would be of her condition, however he was still not prepared.

"Go to her Gabriel", muttered a voice behind him. A face came into his view.


She had tears dripping down her face and her cheeks and eyes were swollen red. Gabriel said nothing and stared at the woman in front of him, not knowing how to react.

"If your angel didn't attempt to save my angel, then he would not be here. Go to her Gabriel", she softly muttered.

"I thank her. I thank her with all I have. I owe her my life. I owe it all to her. She bought me back my Greg again once, and has done it again. Go to her Gabriel. Go", she whispered. Stepping to the side, Susan walked away to her sons who were standing like guards by the door, both with some small scratches and bruises. They nodded at their boss, who nodded back to them with a lack of his usual dominance.

Gabriel took a deep breath and opened the curtain that enclosed the bed.

His knuckles turned white in anger.

His nostrils flared in aggravation.

A rumble escaped his throat in resentment towards himself.

Gabriel slowly walked to Angelica's side and collapsed in the chair by the bed, angrily slumping over her, hands in his hair. The only reason she was in that bed was become of him.

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