Chapter 7

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If there's one thing to know about Camila Cabello, it's that she doesn't like being in control. She doesn't like having the weight on her shoulders of making decisions for herself, nor others. She doesn't like to be the person in the driving seat - making all the choices. That's why she decided early on that it would be good to have a friend like Lauren - someone who likes taking charge, being in control. Someone who can take charge for her. She hadn't considered to what extent until much more recently - when she found herself almost... craving to give her friend more and more power over her. But she was convinced it was wrong to feel this way, like Lauren could have this amount of control over her life, and how she lived it. Lauren was her friend, not her... mother. Camila reminded herself that she had to start acting like the adult she was. Because she was a fully functioning adult and there was no reason for her to feel this way.

Yet despite telling herself all this, she still found herself clinging to Lauren at any possible opportunity - more so than usual, maybe. She didn't really have the answers as to why, but nor did she have the strength to figure it out.

Lauren, however, had decided that there must be something bothering Camila. She'd been stuck to her side all day, and not saying much either. Every time Lauren left her to do something, she would return to find Camila stood alone, looking like a lost puppy, her brown eyes wide and worried. It wasn't that Camila wasn't normally touchy with her, and clingy - because she was, her and Lauren held hands a lot of the time. But this was more, Lauren was certain.

It was long, lingering hugs instead of brief embraces, it was clinging onto her arm instead of loose hand-holds, it was sitting between her legs rather than by her side. Those things that caused Lauren to think that maybe Camila was seeking comfort, maybe she was upset and wanted Lauren to comfort and console her. The older girls didn't have a problem with any of it - in fact it was really nice to be able to feel like she was taking care Camila like that, even just in a small way. But she didn't want to take advantage of the situation, because it wasn't what she wanted it to be - Camila was just her friend.

"... It was so great to meet you! We'll see you next time we're in Texas? Brilliant." Ally grinned, giving the little boy who was now walking away a big wave. "How adorable," she murmured, flashing Normani a grin.

They'd almost finished their meet and greet, Lauren was leaning down to tie up her shoelace. When she stood again, her face broke out into a smile at the sight of Camila accepting a little pink teddy from a girl stood before her. She watched her friend embrace the fan in a hug before kissing the teddy's head, her nose scrunching up adorably.

"You've got it bad, Jauregui."

Lauren turned to find Dinah stood behind her with what seemed to be her trademark, knowing smirk. Lauren groaned, slapping Dinah's arm as she shook her head. "You're such a stalker. Give it a break, she's just really cute with the fans, okay? I haven't got anything 'bad', she's my bestfriend, that's it."

Dinah quirked an eyebrow and lifted one shoulder into a half-shrug. "If you say so. But you don't look at friends like that, babes. I'd find myself very worried if I caught you giving me those eyes, Lauren Jauregui."

Lauren shook her head, pushing away the odd thoughts that followed Dinah's words because she wouldn't let Dinah cause her to doubt her own thoughts and feelings. It was just the girl being her usual, idiotic self.

Lauren only waited a few moments more, until Dinah had walked away, before making her way over to Camila, looping her arm around her waist gently from behind. "What've you got there, sweetie?" she asked softly, her other arm slung over Camila's shoulder to join their hands.

"It's a teddy," Camila grinned, craning her neck to smile at Lauren, holding up the bear that was a little bigger than both her hands width and maybe a foot tall. Upon further inspection, Lauren realised that it had 'Camila' embroidered on its stomach, and she chuckled.

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