Jealous | Preference

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You would usually end up getting quite jealous when seeing some of Rye's meet and greet poses with the fans. Seeing him so close to some of them would really make you feel quite jealous, especially when you were away from him for so long. But you knew he loved you and only you.

If you were out and about with Andy, and so much as one boy looked in your direction, he would immediately grab your hand and pull you into a kiss to show them that you're his and he wasn't going to share.

You tend to get jealous a lot whenever you see Brook being cute with his fans. You know that they've got him and the lads to where they are now, but you can't help getting jealous at how cute he is with some of them.

Jack always gets jealous of any lad that tries to get close to you, even if it was a friend from home. He'll pull you as close as humanly possible and whisper cute things into your ear to make sure they know you're his.

You both get jealous a lot. Mikey will hug you lots and keep leaving little kisses all over your face. Whereas you usually grab his hand and try to take him as far away as possible from any girl that looks at him in a certain way.

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