Chapter Seventeen: Surprise, surprise

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Mark's pov

    "The *fuzzles* ! Nate! Haven't seen you since last year!" I say as I open the door and bro hug Nate.

    " Has it really been that long!?" he shout asks. I nod.

   "Anyways,where's the birthday girl?! I've got presents!" he exclaims, walking through the door.


     "There she is! Come here,gimme a hug!" he exclaims,putting his arms out. Vira practically tackle hugs him,almost knocking him to the ground.

    "Haha! You're so strong! Come on,where do I put these?!" he exclaims again. The boys bring him over to the table I set up for the presents.

   "Jesus Nate! You're almost as loud as Sean. Speaking of Sean..." I say. I go and get my laptop from the counter top and turn on Skype to Skype Sean.

Matpat pov

       I signal Nate to come sit by me and Steph. We were tired and sitting on the couch while Ethan and Tyler were entertaining the kids.

    "Haven't seen you in a while dude. I saw you when I was doing that event for Game lab and I swear we only had a proper time to hang out when we were shooting FNAF the musical,"  I say. Nate nods.

     "HEY!HEY!MARK!WHERE'S THE BIRTHDAY GIRL YA TOLD ME ABOUT?!"  I hear an Irish voice scream. I started fan-girling.

     Vira runs over to Mark's laptop.

Vira pov

     "Jjjjaaacccckkk!" I scream while running over to Mark and his computer.

    "Wwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaatttt!?" he screams back.

    "Haha,knew that would work. I'm so happy to talk to you!" I say.

    The computer gets the attention of both Matthews.

    Dad and Matthew practically sprint over,cracking me up.

   "Haha,the Matthews expressing their emotions. Dad's more excited than Matthew," I say,making them both blush.

  "Ha! Matpat eh?! Saw a stream of your's. Saw SepticSam in the background and you wearing my merch!" Jack exclaims, laughing.

   Dad says a small "Yes!" under his breath. We all giggle.

    "SKYPE HUG!" Jack exclaims, going over and hugging his computer. We all huddle over the laptop.

     We talk for hours until we realize the time.

    "Shoot! You kids have school tomorrow! It's already 11pm!" Mark exclaimed.

    We all look at each other sadly.

   "Well,bye guys! See ya at school! See you soon other people and Pat!" I exclaimed. We all crack small smiles.

     Ethan and Mark help mom and dad bring my presents to the car and we drive off.

Shorter than my normal chapters,but next chapter will be better. My fingers feel like they're gonna freeze off as I'm writing this. Next chapter=big. So cold.

Take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals. PEACE OUT!!


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