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Nawsheen's point of view

That night, without letting anybody know, I got out of the house ever so discreetly, on tip-toes. If he thought I never did anything 'exciting' in my life, well I'm going to prove him wrong.

"Good Luck", I heard someone say and almost jumped out of my skin on seeing Sania, grinning like a chimpanzee. I heaved a sigh of relief and smiled at her before disappearing in the moonlighted area. It was a starry night and it was very bright, much to my misfortune. I was going to break into a freaking castle !

There were guards and soldiers everywhere. I was quite stressed out, how on Earth am I going to enter ? Then, I noticed that most of them were half-asleep, holding on to their long stick-thing. So I climbed on a tree (tried to) and walked on a solid branch, getting major heart attacks each time I slipped. I kept murmuring "this is supposed to be exciting...exciting...exciting..."

The window, apparently left open, probably on purpose for me was a bit too far than necessary. So I jumped and held firmly on to my hands, my heart thumping hard. I screamed, yes of course I did. But it was all muffled because it came out as a whispery scream, you get me ? The one that stuck in your throat. So, mimicking a frog, I succeeded in paddling in and thanked Allah. Allah ? OOOOH DAMN. I completely forgot about all that ! What the chicken sausages ?! I felt really, really insecure for a moment, thinking of my God. HOW could I have forgotten, didn't do a single prayer but heeyyyyy !!! No one else in the house did either...

I gulped in a huge clump of fear. I was so going to get caught now. It's just when common sense decided to flood into me, after I did the act. It was like :

Who the hell breaks into a castle at night to slap the prince ? Go away ! WHY did you enter ? You are gonna get punished by Allah ! This is so wrong ! Breaking in is illegal, and you're doing so in the Castle !? Who taught y-

"I can't believe you did !" interrupted a voice from behind. Thinking it was my inner self scolding my outer self, I replied, "Even I don't" before realizing it wasn't me. I turned around to the speed of a motorcar to spot Zayn. I was relieved.

"W-Well, you saw me and you believe me now. I'm... go-g-going, bye !" I saluted before going back to the window.

"Wait up, we could have some fun before you leave", he smirked, coming closer. Nope, I did my mental note to re-start my pious life, just like before and the start to t wasn't having a hot guy smirk at me at night.

"Our definitions of 'fun' is different I think, just like 'exciting'... so bye", I said, half-expecting me to wake up and say all of it was a dreadful dream. I was about to jump out again and forget everything, start a new life with my to-get cats when he grabbed my wrist and spun me around, making me crash in his stone-hard chest. I could possibly faint from the hotness he was radiating off his body.

"Don't go again and leave me", he said, looking dead-serious. I have to...

"I'll see you again, it's... not like last time", I said softly. He eyes twinkled in the dim moonlight and he did a most unexpected thing. He hugged me tightly and cried his heart out. I was dumbfounded. I stayed there, all shocked as his head found its place on my shoulders, nuzzling in my neck.

"I..I missed you so, so much my Cookie", he said in such a broken voice that I too wanted to cry. But I cannot. I mustn't. I would return back to square 'one'.

"I missed you too, but I really have to go", I said, trying my best nor to cry along with him or we would have looked like an old couple that's never seen each other for months. Which was true except that we weren't a couple. I wish we were though. But the fact that he's a Prince and didn't say he liked me is really blocking my wishes to come true.

"Okay", he wiped away a tear and took my hand in his. He led me to a backdoor, which had a flee of stairs to climb down. We climbed down together, holding my hands so firmly, just like he didn't want to let go of me. This childish act was really melting my heart. He led me directly to the backdoor of my house. Once at the door, he said a thing that made me almost break down.

"You know, I prayed everyday to see you, so I'd like to thank you", he said and held my shoulders while placing a strong kiss on my forehead. I couldn't say anything. So now the tables have turned and I'm a way worse muslim than him. I should've never broken in. But if not, I wouldn't have known. I gave him a brief nod and hugged him one last time before going in.

Oh God, what was happening ? What is happening and what will happen now ?


Gotta gooo

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