The Awakening of the Vampire Princess

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Ok soo this is my first story.

Hope you lke it.

I welcome all kinds of criticism.Good and Bad.

I am warning you that it MIGHT be boring at first but most starts are so do have patience please.

I promise it will get better.

If you comment i will write faster it motivates me in a way and tell me if i should continue :)





so here is the story....


Amber's P.O.V

I was lying down staring at the white ceiling above me. It was bleach white and really smooth. The room was dark because I enjoyed the darkness.

I found it calming and pleasantly quiet, quiet enough to hear my own thoughts and my surroundings. At the moment I could hear the wind blowing gently outside my window. I looked down at my book beside me. The French Language book I took and decided to learn out of sheer boredom. I looked at the page and squinted at the tiny print. My night vision was definitely getting better and I could read the words perfectly. It said 'un lit means a bed'. I said the word over and over again trying to memorise it. I already memorised 20 pages of French words and by now had a pretty good vocabulary in French but I couldn't take the damn book anymore it was so boring learning. I threw the book to the corner of my very large bedroom. The book landed with a loud thud in the small yellow corner. I wasn't in a good mood today or any other day since the start of school so I started staring at the ceiling again trying to concentrate on the little bubble that the white paint left. I wanted to sleep but I couldn't the pain would be unbearable if I dreamt. It wouldn't let me sleep.

Just then suddenly I saw my mom standing at the door smiling at me. No matter how quiet I could never hear her coming. My mom was extremely beautiful. She was like a living sculpture. She had dark brown hair and emerald green eyes that were grassy green in sunlight. She had a lean body and had a nice chest. Her legs were long and beautifully shaped and her skin was as pale as white marble. Her features were soft but mesmerizing. I always thought how funny it all was especially that she never aged she always stayed 21, never a day older.

She walked over elegantly and sat quietly on my black bed witch was decorated with little girl skulls. She was careful not to interrupt my peace witch I always found soothing. I looked at her and smiled waiting for her to start a conversation as to why she came over at 3 o'clock in the morning.

"Honey, you okay?" she asked softly almost whispering.

"Well, do I look ok?" I answered quickly.

"You got beat up again. Your body is bruised and I can smell blood," she explained hungrily. Her eyes shined with a tint of lilac.

"Don't even think about the blood!" I spat the words at her.

"You don't have to worry. I already ate so relax," she told me nonchalantly.

"Yeah, I can smell it. It's delicious," I replied quietly almost muttering it to myself.

"Well soon enough you're going to feed with me too," she assured me with a dazzling grin.

"If I make it through the awakening," I stated coldly.

"Don't worry. You can smell blood already and your night vision is getting better. All of these are positive signs of awakening," She reassured me gently.

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