002; Lunch Conversations

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Sadie sat at her original lunch table and stared at her hamburger, highly disgusted. She slid her plate towards the other side of the table as Caleb sat his plate beside her. Caleb looked at Sadie and pushed his plate away as well, he didn't want to upset Sadie by eating his hamburger. Sadie opened her backpack and pulled out two apples, she offered one to Caleb and they ate quietly until unusual happened. A third plate was placed on the opposite side of the table. Sadie looked up expecting to see a confident bully, but instead she saw the sweet smile of Millie.

"Can I sit here?" She asks

"Yeah sure, go ahead." Sadie said with a wave of her hand. Millie's smile faded quickly which confused the couple.

"Sadie! Your wrist." Millie said showing concern.

Sadie layed her hand in her lap and smiled slightly. "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

"I don't mean to hurt your feelings or anything but...Did you do that to yourself?" Millie asks with her eyes sparkling with sympathy.

"Um, yeah I did...but I'm over it, I guess it was all just temporary everything got better." Sadie says

"That's good." Millie says taking a large bite of her burger. Sadie had to keep herself from gagging she bit her tounge to keep quite and buried her face in Caleb's shoulder, thinking of the poor animal Millie was digesting.

"Are you okay." Millie asks

"Yep, just peachy." Sadie forced the words out.

"You sure?" Millie asks taking another bite of her hamburger.

"You know what, I'm going to the ladies room. Excuse me." Sadie stood up and ran out of the cafeteria thinking of the poor slaughtered animals in that cafeteria.

Millie looked at Caleb for an explanation.

"Sadie is a very strict vegan." Caleb answers

Millie looks at her half eaten burger. "Oops."

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