Merry Christmas!

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Spending Christmas Together!

Aoi Valt

"Valt, no, you're doing it wrong."

"Huh? How?"

"First of all, the icing is at the wrong area, plus it's the wrong color."


You chuckle a little, and helped him. "Here, since you already messed up on the color, let's try to work with it." Valt pouts. "You're treating me as if I'm a little kid." He says, placing his gloved hands on his hips.

"But you are." "I'm only younger than you by a year." You laugh, "You're really cute when you're all pouty." You joke. Valt turns red. "C'mon, we have to finish this for the party." You say. Valt nods. "Hey, I just realized this is our first Christmas together." Valt says. You stopped. "Ha, yeah it is."

Valt gives you a short kiss on the lips. "Merry Christmas, (Y/n)." "Merry Christmas, Valt."

Kurenai Shu

"And, there!" You say, placing the star on top of the tree. "Done!" You smile. Shu comes back with two cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows. "After 2 hours of decorating, I did it Shu!" You happily say.

"Congrats," He says. Kissing your head. "You decorated it very well." He says. Looking at the colorful tree. There, in the middle. Was a picture of you and Shu with cat headbands. Shu handed you the cup of the warm chocolate. You took a sip, the warm feeling of the liquid fills your throat. 

"I'm surprised how my apartment is big enough for this tree." Jokes Shu. "Haha, yeah. I agree." You say. "Wasn't there a party later on today?" You ask. Shu nods. "Yeah, but it depends whether you wanna go." He says. "I kinda do wanna go, it's a Christmas party right?" You ask. Shu laughs. "Yeah, what else would it be?" You pout.

Shu brings you closer with his arm. "I love you, (Y/n). And Merry Christmas." "Love you too, Shu. Merry Christmas."

Kiyama Rantaro

"Rantaro- Don't you dARE-" You shout. The crunching sound of the snow beneath you was the only thing you could hear, along with the sound of your heavy breathing. You were running away from Rantaro who's chasing you with a handful of snow. He said he was going to shove it down your shirt.

"(Y/n)~ C'mon, I won't do anything to you!" He yells. You shake your head, though, you don't know if he saw that. "No! Even on Christmas day, you still won't leave me be!"

Yep, you soon hid in a tree, your feet on the (kinda) slippery branch. There were really pretty icicles under the branch. It was quiet for a moment, well, that is until Rantaro ran past you. You stopped breathing so he can not trace where you were. Once he was out of sight, you could breathe again. Look, you love Rantaro with all of your heart,m but this was a little too much.

You breathed in the icy cold air. Rantaro was close by as you could hear his faint yelling. You dropped a little gift, Rantaro came back where you were. He saw the gift.

"Thanks for being with me for a year." He read out loud, "Merry Christmas." Rantaro hugged the little card, "HecK-" You swore, you weren't supposed to give him that yet!

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