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"how are you supposed to plan a wedding"
isabella asked

"i don't know"
dacre replied

"there's such thing as a wedding planner"
joe said

"oh yeah"
isabella asked

"i don't think we need one i think we can plan the whole thing ourselves"
dacre smiled

"bet you 50 bucks"
joe replied

"you're on"
dacre said

"i want in"
isabella laughed

"you're goin down williams"
joe glared

"whatever keery"
isabella said sitting next to dacre

"what kind of flowers do we want"
isabella asked

joe yelled from the kitchen

"you right"
isabella said

"why are you planning already we have so much time bella you don't need to stress yourself out"
dacre said

"bitch i've been waiting ten years for this moment"
isabella replied

"okay okay"
dacre laughed

"what kind of color scheme"
she asked

"i like red and white"
he answered

isabella asked

"what do you mean 'really'"
he asked quoting the girl

"i just don't really like red and white together is all"
she said with a shrug

"oh this is how it's gonna go"
dacre said

the couple sat there glaring at each as joe awkwardly stood there

"hey remember when bella & i kissed"
joe said trying to lighten the mood

"oh joe it was so not the time for that"
isabella said turning to look at joe

"i will kill you joe"
dacre said

joe said

"i really don't wanna be worrying about you two while i'm engaged to one of you"
dacre said

"day i love you but ARE YOU ON CRACK"
isabella asked

"i so knew that bothered you"
joe laughed

dacre just looked at them & shrugged

"are you alright"
isabella asked putting a hand on his forehead

"he need some milk"
joe said

"really joe"
isabella asked trying not to laugh

he said

"dacre what's gotten into you"
isabella asked

"it's just you've known him a lot longer than me you've kissed him i don't know if you've ever had feelings for him and he's living with us i don't just ignore what i said"
dacre said

"wait you're intimidated by joe"
isabella laughed

dacre replied

"so then you're jealous"
she said

"no i'm not"
he defended

"aw bella he's jealous"
joe said

"joe don't make me punch you"
dacre said

"joe could go somewhere else for a few minutes"
isabella asked

"fine he's being hostile anyway"
joe said glaring at dacre before going to his room

"how long have you been feeling this way"
isabella asked

"i don't know since you two kissed"
dacre said with a shrug

"why didn't you say anything sooner"
she questioned

"i didn't wanna ruin anything between us"
he answered

"day you don't need to be jealous i love you okay? hell im marrying you"
isabella laughed

"i know i know it's just sometimes i feel like you tell joe things you can't tell me"
he said

"i do tell joe things i can't tell you like when you're being a bitch i can't tell you that. but there's things i can't tell joe that i tell you"
isabella said

"wait go back to when you said i was being a bitch"
dacre said with a small smile

"what are you talking about"
isabella questioned

"you said you can't tell me things like when i'm being a bitch"
he said

"don't recall"
isabella said looking around

"you little shit"
dacre laughed tackling isabella down on the couch

isabella yelled laughing

dacre yelled back

"aw so sweet"
isabella said sarcastically

"shut up"
he laughed leaning down & kissing her

joe said

dacre laughed deepening the kiss

joe said leaving

"i hate you"
isabella laughed pulling away

"you love me"
dacre smirked kissing the girl again

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