Cockblock Smoke Alarm- TBNRCanadian

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Preston's P.O.V.

I tumbled down the stairs as fast as I could, my bare feet clattering against the wood floor. The back door to the backyard was open and there was someone resting in the hammock, his brown hair falling in his face as he slept.

There was a bottle of water on the ground beside him, half full which was good. He had been out there for most of the day, in the pool for some of it and reading a book for the rest.

"Mitch? Wake upppppp..." He opened his eyes and then reached up his arms for a hug, which I gladly obliged.

"Why'd you wake me up..." He was interrupted by a huge yawn and then he simply lay there, still clinging onto my shirt.

"Come on, it's getting late. There's dinner too." He sighed and sat up, relying on me to drag him to his feet. His head fell onto my shoulder and his arms snaked their way around my waist, his hair falling in my face.

"I know you're tired, but come on, you've got to have some food." He sighed and still didn't move, his hands tightening even more onto my shirt and he made himself even more comfortable on my shoulder.

"I will drag you."

"No. Don't want to go." I started to move my hands around his hips, trailing my finger on his warm skin underneath his shirt. He shivered, pushing his stomach towards me and standing on his tip-toes to get away from my hand. I continued, dragging my finger around his back and then up to just below his chest.

Mitch didn't try to do anything, he just stood stock still and shivered sometimes when my finger just grazed over his skin, which was rather ticklish. On occasion he actually flinched and jumped, his elbows raising and sticking out to the sides and his eyes widened when my other hand crept down to the waistband of his shorts, flicking at the elastic.

He let out a loud gasp when my lips landed on his neck and I bit down, grabbing his hands and forcing them behind his back, holding them there. His head was becoming bowed, his knees starting to shake and his breaths coming in sudden gasps, while I continued to mark his neck.

We were both almost exactly the same height, barely over 6 foot and so when I looked up, his eyes were at the same level as mine. His cheeks were flushed red and eyes wide with surprise and, if I wasn't mistaken, a small amount of lust.

He leaned in and captured my lips, fighting for control even though my hands were still holding his behind his back. When I noticed he was trying to pull his hands out of my grip I tutted and dug my nails into his wrist, hearing him gasp and making my message clear. I was in control.

"Pre-Preston!" I withdrew my nails from his wrist and flicked the elastic of his shorts, feeling him shiver underneath my small touches.

I let go of his wrists with both hands, pulling his shirt over his head and using it as a rope to tie his hands, wrapping the neck around his wrists three times, to make it as tight as possible. Once his hands were secure, I noticed that Mitch was shivering in cool air from outside and pulled him inside, pushing him back onto the couch so he was underneath me.

My knees were in-between his legs, so I was crouched over him and I bent down, capturing his lips again and kissing him passionately. He was trying to arch his back, but I pushed his stomach back down with one hand and gave him a shake of my head.

"Don't. You listen to me, okay." He nodded, simply trying not to push his stomach up again.

I was still fully dressed and just before I was about to pull my t-shirt off, the blaring of a siren interrupted us. I turned my head towards the kitchen and then pulled away from Mitch, rushing to the doorway.

The pot I had previously put on for dinner was emitting a lot of smoke, so much it made me cough and I rushed forwards to turn it off. I placed it in the sink and turned the cold water on it, listening to the hissing as the water tried to cool it down.

I turned the fan on above the stove and rushed to open as many windows as I could, sighing in relief as the smoke alarm turned itself off. I was still coughing from the smoke and as I tried to clear the burned pot, a body was pressed against mine. I instinctively jumped and hit out, only to hear a yelp and then a moan of pain.

I turned around as fast as I could only to see Mitch, silent tears streaming down his face with his head bowed. His hands were still tied behind his back by his shirt, and as soon as I noticed that I rushed behind him and pulled off.

As soon as his hands were free, they went to his stomach and clutched where I had hit him, choking coughs escaping his mouth. I wrapped him in a hug, the shirt forgotten on the ground.

"Oh no! I'm so, so sorry Mitch, I didn't mean to hit you!" He let out another cry of pain as I tenderly pressed his stomach with my hand and bit down hard on his lip, so much so it started to bleed.

"I'm so sorry!"

"It's ok-okay." He started coughing again, his chest heaving and causing him even more pain as he started to cry again.

"Ca-can't breathe!" His chest was falling up and down fast, too fast and his coughs were causing it to move in an irregular rhythm. I could hear him almost choking.

"Mitch, stay calm, stay calm, look at me, watch me." His eyes moved to me, he was in full blown panic mode and couldn't calm down, at least not without any help.

"Follow my breathing Mitch, in and out, in and out." His arms were shaking and he was trying to cling to my shirt.

I picked up carefully, swinging his legs up into the air and laying him onto the couch. He was still gasping for air and his arms were scrabbling feebly at my chest, desperate for help and air.

"Come on Mitch, follow my breathing, just watch me." He was watching my chest and struggling to copy me, although it was starting to work.

"Easy Mitch, keep copying me, that's it... keep going." He was starting to calm, coughing every few breaths and trying to cling to me.

"There you go, that's it." I ran my finger over his stomach and I heard him gasp as I touched the top of his ribs, visibly flinching.

"You're okay, I won't touch it, it's okay." He sniffed, closing his eyes and wrapping his hands around me, trying not to cry out as I pressed my hands over his stomach. I could see a small lump from where I had elbowed him.

"Sorry Mitch, I didn't mean too."

"It's okay, I shouldn't have snuck up on you." When he finished that sentence he mumbled something else, which I couldn't hear.

"That cockblock smoke alarm." I smirked, climbing back on top of him.

"Well." I nipped at his earlobe. "I'm not quite finished yet."

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