Plant Poop

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Morning came and so did Dani. The way she tore around my room you'd think there was a natural disaster in the middle of the night.


She throws the curtains open with enthusiasm! I simply groan, pulling the covers over my head and curling into a tight ball.
I shriek loudly as she rips the covers back from my curled body. Good thing I don't sleep all natural!


"Go away, I'm tired!"

"Not a chance lazy buns, get up."

"Dani! I'm tired, let me go back to sleep!"

"If you don't get up right now,I'll go get Joey to hold you down, and I'll tickle you 'til you pee the bed."

I sit up, propping myself up with my arms, and glare at her.

"You wouldn't."

She grins evilly, leaning in until our noses are barely a papers width apart.

"Try me."

I gulp, before flopping back and rolling off the bed. Landing with a thud, I pull myself up.

"Fine I'm up. Now what?"

"Get ready to start training. Aston told me about your upcoming fight, and I don't want to watch my best friend torn to pieces."

"I'm not going to lose, Dani, I've been training. And besides I've already beat a rogue Alpha, a Beta born Alpha can't be that much harder."

"You got lucky, but this mutt probably has a few tricks up his sleeve. He's not going to risk fighting fair, if it means losing, we've got to make sure you're prepared."

Sighing in defeat I grab a pair of work out clothes and head into the bathroom. Quickly changing out of my pjs, I brush out my hair, braiding it into two Dutch braids.
Hurriedly, I rush out of my room and into the dining room. Hoping for something delicious probably not nutritious. Just as I'd hoped, Willow and the girls, sitting next to Phil all had plates full of waffles and bacon.

"Oh my Moon, it looks delicious!"

I begin to pile my plate as high as humanly possible. Just as I've achieved a new world record, it's snatched away and. In its place, a glass of foul smelling, green chunky liquid. My stomach rolls and I almost gag just holding it.

"This is much healthier for you. I've been reading up and the internet says this is just jamming with vitamins and minerals. It's guaranteed to improve your strength."

I roll my eyes at Dani. Of course, she would have googled it, for Dani, the internet is a dangerous weapon.

"Come on Dani let me have normal food this looks di-"

"Deliciously nutritious? I know, drink up!"

To my horror, as I opened my mouth to protest, Dani shoved to glass to my lips, dumping the sickening concoction down my throat! I choke, slapping the glass across the room.
In an instant, Ashton has her against his chest. Growling softly, checking her over making sure I hadn't hurt her. Pfft as if, I swear she's made of iron.

"What happened?!"

By now I've managed to stop choking, no thanks to either of them. Though my stomach is still doing a hip hop routine.

"Your mate just tried to kill me with plant poop that's what happened!"

"Oh please! Don't be so dramatic. It was just a green smoothie, and plants poop oxygen so there."

Before I could come up with a witty come back I felt the drink coming up,

"I'm gonna puke!"

The crowd parted like the red sea as I rushed to the nearest bathroom. What a great way to start my day.


"Come on Jen, you aren't trying hard enough! Do you want to lose this fight or are you just this weak?!"

Shame and anger filled me, as my exhausted body was once again dropped to the mat. Joey stood above me demanding that I get up, train harder, do better.
Its been like this for hours now. After the smoothie incident, Joey had decided it would be better for me to train on empty. Apparently he was a great fighter, but I couldn't understand how this was considered fighting.
Standing up once again, on shaky legs I throw a half hearted punch. Dodging it Joey goes in to flip me yet again, knowing this I  change last second, going past him and grabbing his neck and pushing his back to meet my raising knee. He lets out a groan, and makes a grab at me which I avoid. Pushing him onto the mat, straddling him, pinning his arms at his sides as I rain down light open handed taps to his chest and face. Not wanting to actually hurt him. Quickly, Joey brings his legs up, wrapping them around my chest and neck, sending me flying backwards.
Before he can come at me again, Katie and Dani are dragging me back to the pack house. Thank you Moon!

"Alpha, what's going on? You could've taken him, why did you let him beat you like that?"

"I'm just hungry, okay!"

"Oh good, then you'll be happy to hear I've made you a new smoothie, and there are some protein bars that I'm sure you'll enjoy!"

"I want food, Dani! I need real food! I don't care if it's healthier, if it makes my throw up it isn't doing me any good!"

"Jeez! I'm only trying to help you."

I sigh pinching between my eyes, feeling the disgusting squish of my tear ducts, or whatever they are.

"I'm sorry, both of you. I just- I just need some time alone with like five foot longs and some music"

Walking quickly away I head into the kitchen hoping to grab a snack, instead I ran into a chest.

"Silver! I'm so sorry I wasn't paying attention, I didn't even see you there, well, I mean that's obvious because I ran into you. You know what I'm going to go"

Before I could escape the awkwardness my rude hangry self had created I heard a growl.


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