Chapter Nineteen: Dream On Part One

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Jesse ended up sleeping most of Saturday, which was actually surprising. Jesse usually has his day planned out days ahead but I guess three plane rides in one week will do that to a person. I met with Jeff again while Jesse was asleep. We didn't do much, just practiced an old routine. He didn't drop me this time which was great. Jeff never drops me unless its an accident, he knows I will kill him if he purposely drops me. Sunday night, Jesse walked into my room with a serious look on his face.

"Jess, what's going on?" I ask him worried. "This is my last week at McKinley," He states. "What...why?" "I feel like an outsider in glee, and we both know that VA is going to win Regionals with or without me," "It's really your scholarships isn't it?" "...Yeah, I have 50% chance of losing them if we don't win Regionals, and if I'm at least on VA, Shelby said she would secure my scholarships with a letter of recommendation. She's the only one that can write that letter. I need these scholarships, I want to prove to mom and dad that their money gone into my vocal lessons, dance lessons and show choir paid off," He explained. "I get it Jess, but are you going to tell Rachel?" I ask. "I don't know, I still need to speak to her," "Don't wait too long," "Tomorrow, it will be tomorrow," With that, he leaves my room. I had a feeling before all this that he would transfer back, VA was the jackpot when it came to getting scholarships from colleges for the performing arts. I don't blame him for making the choice to go back. Vocal Adrenaline is the best high school show choir in the nation, they have won nationals for the past six years. It's a big deal to be on VA, its taken very seriously. I think Jesse is making the best choice for his future. His name is and probably always will be associated with VA in some form or another until he makes it on Broadway.

Monday arrived sooner than what I wanted. I slipped into my Cheerios uniform and pulled my hair up into the Cheerio signature ponytail. I walked downstairs, Jesse was already down there and eating breakfast. "Your hair is already done, who did it?" Aunt Vanessa asked. I smiled and said "I did" She looked impressed and said "good job," Jesse and I left shortly afterward, the ride to school was silent, he was probably thinking of what to say to Rachel. Hopefully, things would be good between them, they were perfect for each other.

When we arrived at school, I went to my locker, Santana, Brittany, and Quinn was there waiting for me. "Hey, shorty," Santana said. "Why do you call me shorty, I'm not that short?" I ask. "You're shorter than all of us," she stated. I grabbed what I needed and then put all of my things into my first-period class. After that, I followed the three older girls and we just walked around the school. Then Tina and Artie showed up, saying that Mr. Schue wanted everybody in the choir room. We entered the choir room, everybody was here except for Jesse, he must be meeting with a teacher. "Okay, guys, listen up. This is Mr. Ryan. He's a member of the school board and he would like to say a few words. I just want to guys to listen critically and know that what he's saying is just one of many opinions," Mr. Schue states.

"Take out a piece of paper, and on that paper I want you to write down your biggest dream. A dream that means so much you're afraid to admit it even to yourself," Mr. Ryan Bryan explains. I wrote down Julliard, I believe in dreams but I also believe you should set goals within those dreams. I have known since I started dancing that I wanted to do something with dance for my future. Juilliard was my first goal in reaching my dream. I was determined to go there for college when the time comes. When he was done talking, he grabbed Artie's paper and crumpled it up and threw it into the trash can. "Your dream is never going to happen. Ninety-one percent of you will spend your entire lives living in Allen County, Ohio. So unless you wrote down that your dream was to work for a mid-market health insurance provider or find an entry-level job in an elderly-care facility, you're going to be very disappointed," He states. "This is really depressing," Mercedes said softly. All the showbiz kids looked upset, and they should be. "I'm going to guess that a lot of your dreams involve showbiz. Well, let me tell you, showbiz dreams are the most unrealistic of them all," Mr. Ryan states. "But that's what I want to do with my life," Tina announces. "Oh, look, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. I'm trying to spare you disappointment," He explains. "Mr. Ryan, what about those who actually have a chance of making it somewhere?" I questioned. "They are just going to their dreams crushed right in front of them," He answered. "Like you did?" Mr. Ryan didn't say anything, the look on his face did all the talking. "I think we get your point," Mr. Schue stated stepping in. "Aw, well Schuester here's a prime example. He used to have that glimmer of hope in his eyes that I can see right now in all of yours. But he couldn't make it happen for himself so he now has to try and convince you all that it'll happen for you. Guess what. His dream didn't work out and neither will yours," Tina started crying when Mr. Ryan finished his sentence. "Mr. Ryan, are you just still upset that your dream didn't work out either, that you didn't make as you thought you would. That right now, this is not where you wanted to be in life, so you now want to waste your time telling us that because you didn't get anywhere that we won't?" I questioned. Once again Mr. Ryan was shocked into silence by what I asked him.

Mr. Schue stepped in again, "Okay, you're done here," He said while getting up from his seat. "You would be wise to show me some respect," Mr. Ryan countered. "You've said your piece. Now get out," Mr. Schue told him. "Well, Schuester, I should thank you. You and that girl have made my decision about which program to cut a lot easier," Mr. Ryan said while walking away. Everybody was silent, not even wanting to think about losing glee club. Mr. Schue turned to all of us and dismissed us, I went to my first-period class, already wanting this day to be over. By the time lunch came around, Jesse and Rachel were waiting for me by my locker. Looks like the fixed things. Jesse was in his normal school clothes and Rachel was in dance gear, well not like my dance gear, but still dance gear. We were walking to lunch when Jesse asked Rachel a question. "So what is it? Your dream." "I don't know," She stated. "Well, then go inside, find it and ask it what it's gonna take," He told her. I was confused I thought Rachel's dream was to be on Broadway. "Why are you pushing this?" She asked. "Because you're my girlfriend and I want to know all your secrets. When you lie awake at night what's missing?" She paused for a moment. "My mom," she states. "Your mom? You mean like you want to meet her?" Jesse asked. "I just would like to know who she is. I don't really need to meet her or anything but maybe just find out her name or something about her," Rachel explains. It was a sweet moment. "It's silly. It's like it's not like gonna happen or anything," she said. "Why?" I ask. "Just because my dads never told me anything. And I didn't want to ask them anything 'cause I didn't want to hurt their feelings," she explains. "So let's just check it without them knowing. Do you why transferred school here?" Rachel nor I said anything. "To win another National title and make all your dreams come true. If this is one of them, then I'm not gonna stop until it happens," He states. Jesse what are you playing at, you told me that you were transferring back next week. I didn't say any of this out loud, but he sure had some explaining to do once we were alone.

Lunch was normal, everybody saw that Jesse was back, they asked him a few questions and he answered. Finn kept giving Rachel heart eyes, Tina and Artie were nowhere to be found though. Once lunch was over, Rachel went to the bathroom to change back into her normal clothes. While she was changing, I pulled Jesse away from the door, so that there would be no chance of her overhearing. "Jess, why did you lie earlier?" I ask. "When I was seeing what I needed to do to keep my scholarships, they said that being on VA was the best chance that I had. Shelby called me shortly after that and offered me my spot back, no questions asked by the team next week on one condition. Now, you can't anybody this, not even Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Daniel know okay," He stated. I nodded my head. "Shelby is Rachel's mom," Thinking about it now, they do have an uncanny resemblance to each other. "Why can't she talk to Rachel's dads or Rachel?" "She signed a contract, she can't talk to Rachel till she turns 18, and her dads won't answer her calls," He explained. Before anything else was said Rachel emerged from the bathroom looking like she did earlier this morning. Jesse walked Rachel to class while I went to my class. This was a big secret to keep from everybody. If our aunt and uncle find out that Shelby is using Jesse, she could be in a lot of trouble.

My thoughts were disrupted by my phone getting a text, it was from Jesse.

From Jesse: Rachel has to come to Shelby in order for her contract not to be breached. That's why she wants me to get her talking about her mother.

I didn't send anything back, I was never good at keeping secrets away from my friends, mostly because I tell Jeff everything. I have a feeling that I will be avoiding them a bunch this week, just to make sure that I won't say anything.

I was silent in glee club, I made sure to sit near people that I wasn't close with, that being said, I sat next to Mike and Matt. I never talked with them but they were on the football team and both were good dancers so I think we will get along. School passed on boringly, cheerios was normal and Jesse drove me home afterward.

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