Prompt #27

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                Prompt: Brennan and Leon on their wedding day (I'm also thinking about Constance talking to Leon before/&about the wedding (maybe like he's proud of Leon or something like that))


                I fixed my bowtie in the mirror, hands trembling. I checked the time and took a deep breath, pressing my hand against my pocket where I could feel my dice.

                The door opened and I spun around, expecting my mom. Instead, my dad came in, shutting the door and looking up at me.

                I pointed at my bowtie. "How does it look?"

                "Would it be wrong to say straight?" he said.

                I winced a little. Dad noticed and sighed, stepping closer to me to fix the bowtie.

                "I apologize, that was inappropriate. I'll leave the jokes to your sister," he said. "There, it looks fine. Don't fidget with it or you'll just mess it up again."

                "Sorry. I'm just..." I gestured to myself.

                "Nervous? We all get nervous on our wedding days. My father had to fix my hair for me six times because I kept running my hands through it on mine," dad said. "Even your brother was nervous on his. He asked me to come in and talk with him to help calm him down."

                "Dad, are you..." I looked away from him. "I'm not going to have the pretty wife and perfect kids."

                "Are you happy?" he asked.

                I looked at him in surprise. "Of course I am. I'm marrying Brennan."

                "Then why does it matter if you're not going to have the pretty wife and perfect kids?" he said.

                I bit my lip. "I'm sorry. I know you...I didn't choose to be, you know..." I took a deep breath, dropping my gaze from his. "I'm gay, dad, and I know you never wanted that in a child. But I'm grateful you and mom are here today. I'm grateful you're paying for my wedding."

                "I have a marriage I'm happy with, I worked a job I was passionate about up until I retired, and I raised three kids who were healthy and successful. I have no complaints about the life I live, or the children I have," dad said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "Go, marry him and have no regrets. Your mom and I will be right there, just like always."

                I gave him a weak smile and hugged him. I knew he sentimental today. His youngest child was getting married. All of his kids would have their own families now. He didn't have his job or his kids anymore.

                "Thank you, dad," I said quietly.

                He hugged me back. "Make sure you look over at your mother during the ceremony. She wants pictures."

                We released each other and he was back to his composed self. He headed for the door, pausing as he opened it.

                "If I had one complaint, it's that my son-in-law has been arrested twice and spent his time at my Academy trying to torment me. His sexuality is low on the list of problems I have with him," he said, but the small smile on his face told me he'd decided not to leave the joking to my sister for today.


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