Chapter 1

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"Autumn, darling. Come here, please." Madam calls for me.

"Yes, Madam." I reply making my way to her room.

"As you know, your 18th birthday is tomorrow. Making you a legal adult. I had originally promised your mother I would raise you until your 18th birthday, then I would keep you as my slave but with recent changes in the vampire realm this is no longer possible. So, instead tomorrow morning you will wake up at dawn and you will leave my home and make a new life for yourself. A fresh start. I only ask, that you never return here. Understand, darling?" she tells me softly but firmly.

I look at her in shock for a moment before answering.

"Yes, Madam. As you wish." I reply knowing better then to question or deny her.

"Go have one last shower here and then we will have our last meal together. After that you must collect what you wish to take, make sure it is light so you can carry it. Then you must sleep so that you are well rested for your new journey." she tells me, and I give her another nod.

"Thank you, Madam Diana." I tell her before making my way to the bathroom.

I quickly jump in the shower and wash my long natural deep purple hair and scrub my body from head to toe. I jump out once I am finished and dry my hair before pulling on a blue night dress that went just below my knees, with a pair of panties.

I then make my way downstairs where I find Madam Diana already sitting at the table with a bowl of chicken soup on the table across from her. I quickly go and sit across her.

"Thank you." I say softly with a small smile.

"You're welcome. Now I have something for you. Your mother wanted me to give you this on your 18th birthday. So, here you are, darling." she says opening her hand up to me and showing me a beautiful rose gold crescent moon.

"It's beautiful." I state in awe and she gets up and comes over to me, clipping it behind my neck.

"Yes, it is and now you will have it every day to wear. It was very special to your mother. Your father gave it to her." she explains, and I smile despite the small painful pang in my chest.

Oh, how I wish my mother would have told me more of him. How I wish I had of been able to meet him before his death...

"Now go rest up my child." she tells me as I finish my food.

"Yes, Madam. Thank you for everything you have done for me." I tell her and she pulls me in for a gentle hug.

"Goodbye, my sweet girl." she replies softly before pulling away.

"Goodbye, Madam." I whisper in return, before making my way back up to my room.

As I walk inside my bedroom for the final time, I grab a small bag and pack one nightdress, two panties, two bras, one day dress and my hair and toothbrush. I place them into a small shoulder bag before climbing into my twin size bed and falling asleep.

I wake up as soon as the sun shines into my room and quickly get up and change into a fresh day dress.

I quickly use the bathroom and brush my teeth and hair before returning to my room and grabbing my bag and slipping on my sandals. I whisper a quick goodbye before quietly making my way out of Madam Diana's house, knowing I would never be able to return.

As I reach the end of her driveway I decide to go right and begin walking down the long-deserted road.

After what feels like hours, a car slows down and pulls up beside me. The window rolls down and I see a man in approximately his 40's.

"Care for a ride?" he asks kindly.

"Oh, um, yes please." I reply, surprised by the offer.

"Get in." he replies simply.

I get into the backseat and buckle in as he starts back onto the road.

"Where to?" he asks.

"Um, the nearest town?" I reply unsure of where to go.

"That's awful far, sweetheart. I won't be able to do that drive this late into the day, but I can let you stay at my place for the night and take you first thing tomorrow morning." he offers, and I bite my lip for a moment, contemplating his offer.

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to burden you." I reply softly after a moment.

"Of course, that would be better than you out on the roads all night. You never know what is lurking in the dark these days." he tells me, and I shiver in response.

He wasn't wrong. Madam Diana had told me about all the different creatures that lurked in the dark and they all terrified me.

"Okay, thank you." I reply, biting my lip anxiously.

I could only hope he wasn't one of those creatures in disguise.

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