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Fate Of The Secondary Character

Third Person POV

Flashback: Twelve Years Ago

"Class, I want you to meet your new friend..." The teacher said to all of the kids, currently working on a macaroon sculpture. "(F/N) (L/N)"

There she entered a five-year old girl. Her hair relaxed freely in the air, loose and her eyes shone with happiness and hope for making new friends that year.

The girl noticed this raven-haired girl, two ponytails and her crimson eyes illuminated the new girl's eyes with an unknown feeling but what she got for sure was that she wanted to be her friend and the feeling was mutual.

The new girls approach the little Nico, running and ignoring the teacher's calling for her name, evading seats and different obstacles in her way she got in front of Nico and without even hesitating the words that change the future for both of them came out of her mouth.

"I'm (F/N) (L/N), let's be friends!"

Flashback's Time skip: Five Years Later

"Nico!" (Y/N) came running behind the little idol, both of their bodies have matured until the age of ten years old and both of her minds were already mature enough to start thinking about certain topic.

"What do you want?" Nico faced her friend. They were both in the park since both of their mothers had something to do today. Even since that age, the young (Y/N) had something in mind for Nico, maybe something that for you might be a little awkward to think and Nico's personality was just a quarter for what it is in the present.

"Y-You see, I-I have a question for you..." (Y/N) started to play with her finger, looking down at the floor not wanting to meet the serious look in her friend's eyes.

"So..." Nico said impatiently, tapping her foot in the floor and crossing her arms.

"D-Do you believe in the R-Red String?" (Y/N) dared to look in Nico's eyes; her look of confusion was almost too much for the little girl to resist.

"Uh?" Nico raised a brow and her look became more confused.

"E-Every night, my mother tells me a story, y-you know. O-Once upon a time, there was a King who searched for her wife; this King received a notice that a Witch could see these Red Strings that connected you to your other half..." (Y/N) continued talking as Nico look with interest in her eyes. "The King contracted the Witch and some time passed and the Witch came to the King with a little girl. The King, believing that was a joke, pushed the girl, provoking serious bleeding from her forehead, and killed the Witch. T-Then, years later, the King was getting married and when he raised her fiancée's veil he looked in her forehead a big scar in it"

Nico got out of her trance and looked at her friend who was slowly blushing while her hands were hidden in her back.

"O-Of course not, who would believe that nonsense?!" Nico answered with a harsh tone making her friend flinch a little and having an aura of sadness around of her.

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