Chapter 19 - Spike the Darn Ketchup

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Dust POV
I picked up the distinct taste of alcohol in the ketchup, but I ignored it, glad of the relief it brought.
We had settled in front of the TV, me, Horror, Geno and Death perched on the sofa, Science, Outer, Lust and Fresh lying on yellow beanbags on the floor, and Swapfell, Nightmare, Red Cross and Error leaning against the back wall. Blue was making tacos in the kitchen. Dream was handing out blankets and teddy bears, which were grudgingly accepted. Ink was off to invite Killz to come watch a film, so we could see his condition. Guilt shot through me like an electric shock. I pulled my hood over my head again, sensing tears on their way. I did this to him. I. His best friend. The one he trusted. I hurt him beyond repair....
I felt Horror pull me into a hug. I held him tightly.
"Everyone makes mistakes, Dust.... It wasn't your fault."
"W-Who's was it, then?"
"Whoever started this. And I promise you, we will find them."
Ink opened the door slowly, leading Killer through. He looked..... Empty. Devoid of feeling. Blank. Everyone was silent. Ink motioned for him to sit on the large couch with us. He did, and awkwardness laced the air like poison.
".....So..." Ink started. "How are you?"
"I'm ok." Killer answered dryly. His voice was flat and barren.
"Who do you think tried to kill Horror?!" Red spoke up impatiently, and everyone turned to him in suprise. "What?!? You've all thought it, and you know it."
"It would have have to have been ((boi that's a lotta haves)) someone who has enough strength to knock out Horror," Killer commented, staring at the ground. "They would have to have access to that building here in Dreamtale. Also, Dance's party was going on then, so it can't be anyone who went to that."
"Me and Red did!!!" Blue jumped back into the room, throwing tacos at everyone.
"Yeah, he was there with us. Spiked the punch." Geno groaned.
"Mweh heh heh! It was really funny!"
"Geno here got drunk as a lord, didn't you, sweetheart?"
"What did the chicken cross the road?" Geno asked, surprising everyone (except Killer).
"Umm, why???" Death looked at him confusedly.
"To get THE FRICK AWAY FROM YOU!!!!" Geno slapped him across the face, and everyone laughed.
"So that leaves Ink, Error, Fresh, Dream, Nightmare, Lust, Cross, Science, Swapfell and Outer, as well as Chara from Knife Club." Killer looked up slightly. "Did you see them before you blacked out?"
"A little. They had black and white clothes, and their voice was familiar." Horror recounted.
"Your arm looks like a stab wound," Killer continued, still emotionlessly staring at the wall. "So, who wears black and white, and uses knives?"
Everyone turned to Cross, who averted his eyes.
"C-Crossy? Is that true?" Dream's voice was barely more than a whisper. Cross opened his mouth to speak, but his body began to glitch.
A laughter was heard. It was not Cross's, but a child's, although his mouth was the source of the laugh. It rang out clearly, and Horror stiffened beside me, pulling me closer.
"I can't believe..." Cross looked up, both his eyes gleaming red. "You're all so STUPID."
"Cross?!" Dreams urgent voice was heard.
"Cross isn't here." His mouth curved upwards, the manic grin matching the crimson eyes glaring above it. "This is CHARA. And not the one from that stupid clubhouse of yours. I'm a Chara that's smart enough to know it's kill and be killed, take and be taken. I'm Cross Chara."
Death let out a strangled gasp. Geno rushed to him, concerned.
"It all starts with you, Reaper." CC ((means cross Chara for short btw)) chuckled. "I can't kill without Death on my side." CC drew Reaper nearer using Blue mode, careful not to touch him, since that would result in certain death. ((I'll show myself out))
I stood up.
"Oh? Who's this?"
Horror stood up beside me, pulling me into his arms. "He's my boyfriend." Horror replied icily. "And I recommend you let that guy go."
"Or?" CC snorted.
"I'll rib you apart." Horror punned, seriousness still clouding his words.
"I find your intimidation attempts humourous." CC replied. Horror growled, his red eye blazing.
"Jokes like yours don't tickle my funny-bone." He snarled. "It's a beautiful day outside. People are dying. Heads are being severed. On days like these, demons like you....
S h o u l d b e b u r n i n g i n H E L L."

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