The Little Christmas Miracle (2)

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"N-Niall!. . .Louis! The coming!"

Niall and Louis stood frozen in shock. Liam on the other hand, let out a gasp.
"Baby comin'?" He whispered. The husbands snapped out of their shock.
"Yeah, the baby's coming. Uh...Louis, could you get a towel and the bags. Sierra, here, let me help," Niall ordered, panic leaving his voice. They were like this when Liam was coming too.

Niall gently wrapped an arm around Sierra's waist, and the other took her clammy hand. He could tell she was trying to calm herself, doing the breathing techniques her birth coach taught her.
"Love, do you know how far apart the contractions are?" Niall asked softly, rubbing her back as they slowly made their way to the car, where Louis was spreading a towel while Liam bounced in his seat.
"I don't know," She panted. Niall nodded, and looked at his watch, seeing as it had been fifteen minutes since Sierra's water had broken.

Eventually, she was situated in the car. Louis was so nervous and shaky that Niall drove. They had only just started driving when Sierra let out a loud groan, about two minutes later.
"Ohhh! Here it comes!" She gritted her teeth and threw her head back. Niall offered her a hand, and she took it and squeezed his hand tightly.

"Just breathe, in and out, we're almost there," Louis soothed, massaging her shoulders, getting over his shock and instantly wanting to help out. Sierra tried to do the exercise, but soon yelped in pain.
"It hurts so bad!" She yelled. Liam looked slightly scared.
"Is Sierra okay?" He asked tentatively, and Louis smiled at him.
"Yeah, she's okay darling, don't worry. It's just that having a baby is very painful, and sometimes it hurts so bad that she screams," Louis explained, rubbing the boy's thigh.

"Da**! Why is it so hot in here!" Sierra snapped, trying to wipe her sweaty face with a tissue.
"Uh, well we turned down the air conditioning as low as it will go, but look! We're pulling in now!" Louis exclaimed. Pointing to the hospital entrance. The three adults sighed with relief.

All four quickly rushed inside, Louis calling both his family and Niall's so that they could be here for the amazing miracle. When they entered, Niall immediately went to the receptionist.
"Hey, can you please help us?! Sierra here is in labour!" Niall said frantically, sweat beads already being noticeable on his forehead and hands.
"Okay, name please?" The pretty women asked softly to Sierra
"Sierra Blanca," She answered while rubbing her stomach to help soothe her stressed state.

After a few more questions, Sierra's doctor finally came to them and wheeled the women to her hospital room.
"Niall, I called our families. They're on their way." Louis informed him, while trying to keep himself calm.

"When will the baby be here?" Liam asked quietly, as the doctor, whose name was Dr. Holden, helped Sierra to the bathroom to help her change into a night gown.

"Could be a few hours, could be longer darling. Some babies take longer to come than others." Niall explained patiently. Liam nodded and sat himself down in a chair, waiting anxiously for his little brother or sister.


"You can do it Sierra, just a little bit longer," Niall and Louis said encouraging words to her as she was getting close to her breaking point. She had been in labour for three hours now, and this was her worst contraction yet.

"I-I-agh! Can't!" She yelled out, making Liam jump and cuddle further into Johannah, his grandmother.
"Li, how about we go get a snack, yeah?" Jay asked softly to the brown-haired boy, knowing that Sierra would only get worse as time went on, and he would get more scared. Liam nodded slightly, looking at Sierra with wide, wondering eyes.

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