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avoiding bright lights is impossible.

why? well, it might be because phil lester glows like the sun. that could be a slight factor.

ever since he was dubbed a freak as a child, he lived in an attic that always had the curtains drawn in his house, with a mattress on the floor and stacks of dusty items shoved in corners, with a measly blanket separating him from the cold air.

a knock rang through the room, and the word "dinner!" rang out from behind his door. he looked at his phone, an old model his spoiled brother had thrown away, and the time read 6:54 pm.

phil sighed. he always got the leftovers from his family, because he was the burden they didn't want, but it would still be considered murder if they were to kill him.

the only reason they hadn't stuck him in a lab yet was because of his mum.

she had loved him unconditionally from the beginning, even though he came out of her womb as a glowing mess, too bright to look at without sunglasses or goggles. he had learned to control it over the years, to make it bright or dim as he wished, but he was unable to turn it off.

he stepped towards the door, making his footsteps soft. his father hated when they were loud, they 'disturbed his peace.' he meant his games. it was obnoxious.

the reason phil was shut away in their attic was his father, who had taken control of his mother early on.

a couple months after their honeymoon, his father had cut away all of his mother's friend and family connections as he revealed his true colors. she couldn't leave, she had no job, she lost everything that made her a person.

his father took complete control, using her for anything and everything he desired. months later, at age 25, she gave birth to a child named james. at age 27, she gave birth to another boy named phil, and at age 30, a daughter named alexis.

alexis was gone. alexis ran away when she was 10 and phil was 13, and james was 15. now it's just overly-spoiled james and locked-in-the-attic phil.

james was like dudley dursely, phil had decided long ago, and he was like harry potter, minus the part where he goes to wizard school and his life gets better, because for phil, it gets worse every day he breathes.

his brother is the ideal son for any man, blonde, muscular, jock, while phil is skinny, black-haired, pale, and, well, glows like a firefly at one in the morning.

phil just wants to know why he has to be a sun, and why he can't just be a background character. most people spend their whole lives wishing to be noticed, phil just wants to be a normal boy.

he opened his door, and he grabbed the plate of food, temporarily blinding his brother and quickly pulling in the food before his brother hurt him in some way.

looking at the scraps, he wasn't disappointed. the meal was gracious, with a few scraps of chicken, and the tiny pieces of broccoli, and a clump of bumpy mashed potatoes.

what he usually got.

but today, there were crisps!

crisps, beautiful, crunchy crisps..

that's enough. phil chewed on the chicken, his face lighting up every time he thought about the crisps he had received. he was even able to ignore his brother and dad's screaming two stories down.


yes i realize phil has no sister, but it's a phanfic, let it be. i also don't want to ruin phil's brother if anyone reads this trash so i gave him a fake name, because yeah.

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