Eyes On Her

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Part 2-


All I heard was some music in the background as my eyes started to open. Then I remember I had work tonight coving for Matty because his girlfriend just come back home or some shit

Anyways I quickly jump outta bed look at the time, ran to the bath turning the hot water on. Whist throwing my clothes all over the bathroom floor, I had one hour to get ready and get my ass to work! Jump in the shower doing what I usually do after the shower walked over to the clothes I put out earlier throwing them on, applied make-up, drying my hair whist singing to Jessie J.

At work;

The club was getting pretty full and its only 10:00pm. I have people shouting me telling me to sever them, then that's when I spot her. I stop in my tracks she doesn't see me looking, she is smiling and laughing with two other gurls but I just couldn't help but stare at her beauty. I get pulled out my thought when Abby shouts in my ear

"maybe you should close your mouth and see what the lady would like"

I feel myself burning up, my hands get all sweaty, I'm trying to calm myself down but my brain is getting lost again

"Y/N act normal, she's just a girl!"


"Talk Y/N TALK"

"Erm h-hi what can I get you lady's tonight then?" You shout over the loud music, with a little grin on your face.

Demi POV;

So me, clo and nat finally got in the club it's was pretty almost full already which shocked me because it was only 10:35pm anyways we start walking over to the bar and i see the most beautiful girl ever!! I quickly just look at her then turn back to join the convo with my gurly's, I feel her starring at me but I just act like I don't see or feel it. We all sat down at the bar and some girl behind the bar was saying something to this girl that was looking at me, she starts walking our way looks shy and deep in thought when she came over she looked even more beautiful, all I hear is

"Erm h-hi what can I get you lady's tonight?"

She had the most cutest accent I think it was an English one but can't be to sure.

I just know I'm glad we picked this club.

Few hours later..

Y/N hands the gurls there drinks they have ordered, smiled shyly. Clo and nat was dragging Demi up and heading to the dance floor, Demi start grinding on some girl. But looking right over at you, you tell Abby your going on your break for 10mins because you've been on your feet for 4 hours already. You make your way through the 100's of people dancing away.. Leaving the back door has you feel someone pulling on your arm......

So sorry if it's crap, I'm just new to it and learning more about all this as I'm going long.. Sorry!😐

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