Mommy Taylor

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Chapter 1 The awakening

Taylor awoke with a start she was sure she had heard crying somewhere. She looked about the house nothing seemed different but the crying still continued. She thought maybe it was the neighbors child causing the racket so she went to the front door  to go next door.  But when she stepped out of the apartment the crying got louder that's when Taylor looked down at a small basket with a baby inside.

Chapter 2: Take care of her

Taylor having the heart she had quickly picked up the baby out of the basket only to find a note where the young one had been laying. Holding the baby in one hand and the note in the other she began to read aloud: " to anyone who has my daughter please I beg of you take care of her I cannot care for her any longer as danger is headed my way and I want her to be safe ~anonymous motherTaylor looked at the baby safely nestled in her arms. She  wasn't ready to be a mother but the safety and care of this young girl depended on her. She had to be ready her heart would show her the way.

Chapter Three: I'm five years old

"Angel" Taylor called the little girl she had picked up from her doorstep five years ago "its getting cold put your coat on" Angel came running to Taylor and after putting her coat on she hugged her and ran off. Taylor smiled and thought of her own childhood she and her mother had been at this very pumpkin patch when she was five "I had the best days with you mom" Taylor said. Angel had fallen asleep in the middle of the patch, Taylor picked her up and placed her into the backseat of the car. Smiling she whispered "I had the best day with you today Angel"

Chapter Four: Day with Nana

"Taylor how does it feel to be a mother?" Taylor's mother asked as Taylor helped Angel get ready for the day with her grandmother. "Its stressful sometimes but I love it." was Taylor's reply. "Go on Angel go get your doll" Taylor had bought her a doll when she turned five and Angel loved it. "K" Angel laughed as she ran to her room. "She sure is lively. So Taylor why did you name her Angel?" her mother asked. "Well she needed me and I was her guardian Angel or she was mine I didn't know which but I thought she could just be my little Angel." Taylor's mother looked at her daughter with a smile until Angel came into the room and the two left the house so Taylor could get things done she couldn't hang out with her friends as much anymore but it was worth it for the little one to be happy. Before she knew it Angel was home with something in her hand. "Mommy Mommy for you" Angel said running to Taylor with a single rosebud that had a heart in the middle of it. "Wow Angel its beautiful thank you." Taylor said as she hugged her daughter. Taylor's mother was already out the door when she said "Thanks for everything mom"

Chapter Five: I'm Thirteen now

"Haha look at the geek with the notebook" a preppy girl in a red dress laughed at Angel "oh and her names Angel what kind of a name is that? did your mom think you were a rabbit?"  The crowd of kids roared with laughter as Angel got up from where she sat writing a story and ran off. "Angel what happened?" Taylor asked her daughter as she burst through the door crying. Angel could barley say anything as her tears fell "the kids laughed at me for writing and made fun of my name and said you thought I was a rabbit" Taylor said nothing as she led her out to the car and sat Angel in the front seat of the car and drove with one of her songs playing from a CD . Angel continued to cry from what had happened that day. Taylor found a way to comfort her and sang to her daughter. At the sound of her mothers voice Angel began to calm down then spoke softly "why did you name me what you did?" Taylor simply smiled for a minute before answering  "I was blessed to have you. That's why" . Angel's eyes were full of love for her mother "I love you" she said and Taylor reached for her hand soothing her.

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