Eyes On Her

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Part 1-

Demi POV;

"Umm mmm..I don't know.." She starts thinking to herself whiled looking in the mirror holding a short black dress with white spots on it.

"Nat, come here I need help!" She shouts on top note.

Nat; "what wrong now dems?"

Demi; "I don't know if this dress will look nice on me, because you know...." Before I had chance to say anything else nat cut me off

Nat; "Demi! Stop being stupid you. That dress looks perfect on you, now go get ready before we are late"

As Nat started to leaving the room I took my jogger and overly sized t-shirt off, when over to my underwear draw pulling out my "lucky thong"
Sliding the thong up, putting the dress on and patting it down. Quickly did my make-up. Just leave my hair as it was...

Gosh I actually think I look good right now. I walked downstairs were nat and clo was waiting for me

Nat&clo; " finally we have only been waiting for like...ever" they both start laughing and rolling their eyes at Demi.

Demi; "fuck off you two. I'm ready that's the main thing, well come on max is waiting outside" she says as she opens the front door and walking to the car.

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