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"Garland what did I tell you about skating around the house?" I heard my mom yell as I skated through the kitchen on my baby blue penny board. I stopped abruptly at the doorway of the kitchen picking up my skateboard and turning around and walking back into the kitchen. My mom stands by the counter cutting up carrots for our salad. She's pretty much a health freak if you ask me. We barely get sugar because she says it will kill you, so we usually have organic and healthy things. My dad is more chill and sometimes sneaks us treats here and there.

"Sorry mom, I forgot." I said innocently. Honestly, I did forgot I was to wrapped up in the thought of Calum coming over to meet my family to remember. I was nervous for what they would do. My family isn't the most normal family. We are a bit crazy at times with the amount of people living in one house.

"It's fine just don't forget or next time I'll take it away. Now call your brothers down, Calum and his grandmother will be here any minute." My eyes flew up to the clock above the stove seeing it was five minutes to six. My stomach exploded into a millions butterflies at the thought of seeing Calum.

I hadn't seen Calum since the park date when we kissed. I had such a great time with him and I would repeat it over and over till the day I die. That was the day I finally figured how much I truly liked Calum. I learn a lot about Calum in the few hours I met him.

I learned he loved to sing, and when he did he had the most adorable little lisp to his voice and it made it so unique and special. And that his voice echoed when he sang specific notes and how he gets the biggest smile on his face when he's singing a song he really loves.

I learned that he was Kiwi and for the longest time people would tease him because they thought he was Asian. I was hurt when I found out he was picked on because of his nationality. When I was younger I was also picked on for my nationality, my family came over from Spain many many years ago and everyone used to call me Hispanic. There's nothing wrong with being Hispanic they used to say things along the lines of 'I'm going to call immigration on you' or 'i bet you are and illegal immigrant.' and it really hurt my feelings when I was younger.

I also learned that he hated cats and loved dogs when we were at the park and a little golden retriever came over to us and he woudln't stop playing with it. He said he's always wanted a dog and when he gets older he's gonna get his own in his apartment. He finds them so adorable and cuddly.

"Garland, go get your brothers and stop staring off into space." My mom said snapping her fingers in front of my face bringing me back to reality.

"Right sorry mom!" I said turning around and walking out of the kitchen. I walked into the front room looking at all the cheesy family photos that covered the tacky yellow walls. My house was built years ago and definitely needs some cleaning up.

"Guys! Calum and his grandmother will be here soon get down here!" I shouted up the steps hearing my brothers feet shuffling up above. I watch as my five brothers come flying down the stairs and run into the living room with me following right behind them.

"So when's your little boyfriend going to get here." My older brother Steven asks poking my cheek with his finger. Steven's my second oldest brother, right behind Peter and I think him and I are the closet of my brothers and I. We tell each other mostly everything, besides the stuff I can't tell him; which I just tell Meredith instead. He was always there for me all through school when people picked on me, he was my own personal body guard and I can't thank him enough for it.

"He's not my boyfriend, he's just a friend." I say blushing a bit. My brothers will do anything to make me embarrassed. It always starts with a little teasing then they go full out teasing me all the time, and I know that's what brothers do but they could lay off a bit with the whole teasing thing.

"Yet." Andy, my younger brother says. I grab the nearest pillow to me and throw it across the room at him as he dodges it, the doorbell rings. My other younger brother Connor jumps up from the floor where he sat and runs out of the living room towards the door with me on his tail.

"Connor! I'm going to answer the door." I shout while her tries to push me out of the way. I tackle him to the ground right as my dad walks into the front room and opens the door. I see Calum and his grandmother standing on our door step looking down at us.

"Hey Calum." I say sitting on Connor's back and smashing his face into the floor.

"Hi Garland Rose." He says smiling. He's holding a bowl of assorted and cut up fruit in his hands while his grandmother stands behind him slightly.

"Garland please get off your brother." My dad says scowling down at me. His arms are crossed over his chest as he leans against the side of the door. His green eyes that I inherited stare into mine deeply.

"Oh yeah." I whisper getting off of my brother and dusting off my shorts. "Please come in."

This wasn't the best start to the dinner but what are you gonna do? Like I said my family is very crazy at points. Calum and his grandmother step inside just as the rest of my brothers and my mother walk into the front room to greet them.

"Welcome Calum and Ms. Hood." My mom says taking the fruit basket from Calum. "Please follow me to the kitchen." Everyone but Calum and I walk towards the kitchen ready for dinner.

"I missed you Garland Rose." Calum said wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to him.

"I've missed you too Calum." I say nuzzling my nose into his neck. We stayed silent for a few minutes not saying anything, just enjoying each others company and how our body fit so nicely together. I could hear his heart beat against my ear as I breathed in his masculine scent.

His body fit closely and tightly against mine and I was growing to like it. I felt cold and alone when Calum wasn't close to me. In such a short amount of time I had grown close to Calum, I relied on him to make me happy and to always be there for me, and I knew that was a bad thing. I know I'm going to get hurt, not by Calum himself, but by the distance that will be between us when he goes back to Australia. I've been dreading that day ever since I met Calum.

"Garland Rose, how much would we get in trouble if I kissed you right now?" Calum asked. I pulled my head out from his chest and looked him in the eyes.

"If we don't get caught, none." I whispered inching closer to his lips. He licked his lips staring down at me with his gorgeous eyes. I could feel myself drifting far away, hypnotized by his lips and the look he's giving me.

"I'll guess we'll have to risk it." Calum mumbled inching closer to me as well. I could feel his breath fanning my face. I could live in this moment forever because I was here in Calum's company and that's all I really care about.

"Garland it's- holy shit." I pulled my face away from Calum's to see Greg, my older brother standing in the doorway of the kitchen staring at us with his mouth open. His eyes fell on Calum's arms wrapped around my waist and how close our body were before he spoke again. "Friend my ass." He says walking back it the kitchen leaving us alone again.

"Oh my god." I say watching the redness appear on Calum's face as mine probably is. "How awkward."

"I can't hide my affection from you forever Garland Rose." He said smoothly nudging his nose with mine until our lips were perfectly aligned. "I want everyone to know exactly how I feel about you." His lips pressed to mine so quickly that I was starstruck for a split second before I kissed him back and felt the butterflies in m stomach multiply by the hundreds. I couldn't explain the way Calum's lips felt on mine, I was too in love with the feeling he gave me.




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