Author's Note (Fun)

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This isn't some random update saying that I won't be able to update. I AM UPDATING FRIDAY AT THE VERY LATEST. IT'S GONNA BE A DOUBLE UPDATE. I have two chapters ready to be put out, and I don't want to wait, so you're gonna get them tomorrow.

In fun news, I started working on the cover for the next book, and when this one is over I will reveal it and the title for it.

This book is almost done as I am currently the part(s) for Dream On. Hopefully once my winter break starts I can write more often than what I am able to right now. I want to finish this book before the year ends  and have the second one started. 

Also, I am thinking about doing a one-shot book for this series, but only for the summer time (time in between books) just as a little something extra. Let me know what you think, and DM me if you have any ideas for it. 

I love the support and I love writing and I can't wait for the second book to begin. Bai!

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