We're This Close (PG)

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Summary: Pdiggy suprises Leni by bringing her into a secret stargazing place.


"Sir, saan mo ba ako dadalhin?" Leni chuckled as she found the idea of blindfold and surprises so juvenile yet romantic. "Basta ma'am, ito na." He replied and guided her.

He stopped and looked around before he decided to removed the blindfold covering her eyes. They both look around, Leni was amused by the place's serenity, calmness and privacy. They were standing on a green healthy grass, the surroundings was dark and quiet and nobody else was around than them.

"Wow," she uttered in amusement. Digong used his finger and pointed up. She looked up and was stunned by the beautiful view of the bright stars. "Oh my god," her jaw dropped.

"Sabi mo kase mam, gusto mo magstargazing kaso wala ka man time so there..." He explained his concept, she looked at him with a smile of gratefulness and appreciation.

He took a blanket from his bag and laid it on the grass. He tapped the blanket and invited her to lay down so they could have a better and more comfortable view of the stars swarming the dark sky.

They laid side by side, "Grabe, ngayon ko lang nagawa 'to sa buong buhay ko." She uttered before silence finally swarmed them, both of them were astonished by the beautiful view. Digong discreetly looked at her amused face from the corner of his eye hoping she won't notice.

He loved how appreciative she was, he smiled. He moved his hand and carefully took her hand, she felt it but she continued focusing herself into the great view. He began to play with her hand — intertwining it together and filling the gaps of her fingers.

She finally looked at him and smiled, "naappreciate ko, sir. Sobra." She felt so grateful. "It's not a big deal." He replied and kissed the back of her.

She brought back her sight to the sky. He moved his trunk up and rested his weight on his elbows as he looked at her. "Sarap mo man titigan ma'am. You are so fascinated by the stars." He complimented making her smile. "Gusto ko lagi kang masaya na ganyan." He followed.

"Ang ganda kase, sir." She replied "Mas maganda yung view ko ngayon," He replied and gazed at her, she looked at him eye to eye. "Thank you for making this possible." She smiled brightly at him.

"Can I say something?" He asked. "Ano yon, sir?" She replied. "Parang di pa ako nagkagusto the way I like you, I mean... you're very special to me." He professed. She struggled not to blush, she angled her back with the ground and rested her weight on her elbows.

"Ako rin, sir, may sasabihin ako." She brought up. "What, ma'am? Please don't reject me." He joked. "Hindi," she giggled. As their laughters faded, she looked at him and seriously spoke.

"The last time I felt this way was with... Jesse." She hesitated a bit but she began. "Pero kapag kasama ko kayo, pakiramdam ko ang gaan gaan ng loob ko. Parang... hindi ko kailangan magpanggap? Hindi ko kailangan matakot na baka may magawa ako na hindi mo magustuhan." She continued. "You make me feel like I can be who I am... and sobrang laking bagay saakin non. It means a lot to me." She followed.

"I'm grateful, ma'am." He replied briefly with a smile he almost lost his eyes.

"Pero sir... thank you talaga. For appreciating me, sa pagtanggap saakin... lagi kang nandiyan para protektahan ako and sobrang laking pasasalamat ko talaga." She retorted.

"Basta ikaw, mam." He replied. They ended up smiling at each other appreciating their existence that silence was barely noticeable already.

Digong felt the urge to lean closer to place a kiss on her lips, she just watched him move closer as she struggled not to smile wider for every time he gets nearer. "Sir," she spoke as he was just an inch away from her.

"Tignan na natin yung stars," she interrupts his attempt. He moved away and chuckled. "Stars," he nodded playfully regretting to have missed the chance.

He laid back to the ground and looked up to the sky with her. He extended his arms and made the stars fit on the gaps on his thumb and pointing finger.

"Ang liit man ng stars noh? Kasya sa daliri ko." He stated, she chuckled.

"I was this close," he facetiously compared the size of the stars from a distance to how close he was on kissing her. Leni giggled and moved towards him.

"Nabitin ako mam—" He joked but he didn't expect that she would lean close and initiate a soft kiss on his lips that lasted for like five seconds.

"Now we're this close," she uttered and smiled at him.

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