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Days went by and every night, as if planned, Hyunjin spent more time with the girl. And each morning, he found himself awake on his bed. It became a new routine of his and believe it or not, he never felt tired. It felt as if he rested well enough to be so energetic at day.

Little did he know, he changed his behaviour bit by bit. This, however wasn't noticeable to himself but it was very obvious to the people around him.

"What are you doing with that coat?"

"I thought Mother doesn't fit it anymore."

Minho's and his father's voices echoed behind his back as he made excuses to cover his real intentions. Hyunjin was acting quite different but it was less of a bother to his family as they came to a conclusion that maybe he was trying to change himself from a quiet boy to a more extrovert one.

"Hyunjin, are these yours?" His brother's voice rang in his ears. As the named one turned his head, he saw his brother lifting up a pair of boots while giving him a confused look.

"Yes." He answered short. "Aren't these new? And they look a bit small for y-" Minho's sentence was cut off when Hyunjin grabbed those shoes from him and shoved it into the shoebox.

"It's mine." He stated, it sounded firm and he didn't want to seem suspicious. Unknowingly, he managed to crack a smile. His elder brother made a face of disbelief and Hyunjin knew better that his brother doubted him, so does his parents but as long as they don't have proof, right?

——— ☾———

When the sky turned dark, Hyunjin was more agitated to meet the girl than usual. As the singing began he waited nervously for his whole family to sleep. The boy peeked from his room when he noticed the sudden silence in the house.

He went to each of the family members' room to ensure that their eyes were closed. He grinned as he was very sure that all of them had fallen asleep. Gathering his items, he exited the house and walked up the hill. For some reasons, he would say that he felt a bit nervous. His heart was racing, in fact.

"Here," he motioned as he dropped the pair of shoes from his grip in front of the girl. "What are these?" The girl bluntly asked as she examined it. She hesitated for a while before finally touching the boots in front of her.

"They'll protect your feet, you won't feel like you're walking on ice anymore. It'll keep you warm." Hyunjin said looking down towards her. Unfortunately, the girl missed his gaze as she was too focused on the pair of shoes in front of her. It was new to her, she had never put on one of these.

"Try it on, I'll help you." Hyunjin said as he crouched in front of her, loosening the shoelaces so her feet can fit. The girl blinked a few times before putting her one of her feet into a shoe. Afterwards, Hyunjin tied the shoelaces for her. Little did he know, it was her turn to keep her gaze on him.

She hadn't realise that he had a mole beneath his left eye. His skin was white and clean, it seemed as if he was made out of snow. Maybe it was as soft as the snow, she thought. Unknowingly, she had one of her hand touching his cheek.

Hyunjin was startled by the sudden touch. By then, he was done with her shoelaces so he tore his gaze from the boots and towards her. Again, he felt as if she was casting a spell on him with her eyes. However, he couldn't help but to notice a difference. Before, he could see that her eyes seemed empty but this time, he could see a bit of emotions in it.

He couldn't even tell if his brain was fooling with him, but he believed what he saw. "There you go." He stood up ever so quickly, but didn't forget to offer a helping hand to the girl in front of him to stand as well.

"Oh, and also this is for you. To keep you warm as well." Hyunjin grabbed the coat he took from his house and handed it to her. Again, she was confused with his gifts as she never received any but somehow she was touched by it.

"Why are you presenting all of these to me?" She asked. "Well, the winter here is rough. There's snowstorm every year. Snow on the ground is just very thick. A-and I'm wearing three layers of clothes and I'm still cold and you're just here with a simple dress. So, I thought you might be freez-"

His words were cut off by a sudden peck on the cheek by the girl. Hyunjin didn't realise his face turned red as he was deeply embarrassed by her actions. His heart was truly racing this time and he just couldn't calm it. He wanted to hide himself, but where can he hide in this avast wide field covered with snow?

"Thank you. No one is ever this kind to me." She said and Hyunjin just couldn't reply to her. He refused to look into her direction as he was too shy at the moment.

——— ☾———

Both of had been walking and talking for a while they hadn't realise that dawn was approaching. They always had simple chats each night for them to know each other better.

Hyunjin on the other hand had always wanted to ask where the girl was actually from but he didn't know why, he just could never bring himself to do so. It was a harmless question, but it somehow scared him to ask her.

It didn't even bother him that he never knew her name. In fact, both of them never called each other's name at all so he was fine by it. But then, he remembered what she once told him.

"What happens after winter?" He asked.

I'll stop singing and you no longer have to accompany me." She said.

If that happens, how will he remember her? That was one of the thoughts which bothered him but he could never tell her. Even if he did, how would he explain why he ever cared?

As usual, Hyunjin told her that he had to leave and as always she would give him a small smile. She knew better that she could never stop him from leaving. If was against her nature to hold someone and force them by her side, so she had to watch him leave. The only thing she could do is hope. Hoping he'd return.

"See you tomorrow I assume?" Hyunjin repeated the same words each night they parted. And as always, she would nod her head and smiled at him. It was more than enough for Hyunjin to understand. The boy had his back facing her as he descended the hill, making his way home.


At the shout, Hyunjin stopped on his tracks and turned around, facing the girl. When their eyes met, she flashed the most sweetest smile to him which made his heart raced for the third time that night.

"My name's Maru." She smiled as she waved him goodbye. Hyunjin replied her smile with a grin as he walked home with satisfaction. He had an unforgettable night.

——— ☾———

im scared to watch ep 9 but then Hyunjin and Jinyoung interaction were adorable!
He was so embarrassed to meet his role model WHAT A CUTIE


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