3 - Holly Jolly : Part 3

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(Gabbie's POV)

School had finished for the day, we all raced outside to our bikes, well their bikes while I ride with Mike.

Everyone gets on their bikes and we all ride off to the power lines behind Mikes house.

"I hope el, knows what time to be there and where it is" I say to Mike.

"She'll know, I trust her" Mike says

"I don't trust her, I still don't know why we are following her" Lucas says from the left side of us.

"Because she knows where Will is" I yell at him

"Knowing is one thing" Lucas says as he rolls his eyes and rides faster then us. I huff in anger, why does he always have to fight me on everything?

"Can you believe him?" I question Mike and Dustin who is on our right.

"He's being a jerk" Mike says and I nod, Dustin just rolls his eyes and rides off to Lucas.

I just sit behind Mike in silence while he petals at a average speed. I lean my head on his shoulder and watch the world move around us.

"You okay?"

"Uh, um yeah, fine"

"I can't believe what Troy said to you today" Mike says in anger as his grip tightens on the handle bars.

"It's fine, I don't let them get to me" I say with a shrug.


"Yeah, anyway, how's you're chin, that was a big fall onto a small rock" I say with a smirk. He chuckles.

"It's fine, hows you're arm, that you managed to bruise from a small fall onto a ground?" I laugh

"It's okay" I rap my arms around his waist and rest my chin on his shoulder, bringing him closer to me.

"Thanks Mike"

"For what?"

"Standing up for me back there"

"I didn't really do anything"

"You tried to help, that counts for something, thank you" I say as I kiss his cheek. I see his face redden almost instantaneously and his eyes go wide in shock, but then he soon is smiling.

"No problems" he says, making a small amount of eye contact while also trying to ride his bike.

We made it to his house and we see Lucas and Dustin waiting for us.

We pull up and Mike is still red as a tomato. I was blushing a bit too.

"What took you guys so dam long?" Lucas asks and then looks at us "What happened between you two?" He asks us again.

"We just talked" I say as I make my way to El.

"El!" I yell to her, she turns around as the boys push their bikes up to us.

"Are you okay El?" She looked like she saw a ghost, she is paler then usual. She nods her head.

"Promise" she says to me and I smile at her. I rap my arm around her and take her towards the boys.

"Okay, you can get on Dustin's bike, we only have a few hours" Mike says to her, she agrees and get on with Dustin. I get on with Mike and we all ride off.

Mike looked even redder then before.

"What happened?" I ask him.

"Oh Uh, Dustin and I just had a talk, that's all" he says as he focuses on ridding, I just nod my head and watch the world go by again.

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