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That was the first thing that penetrated his vision as he opened his eyes. Hyunjin sat up straight on his bed and looked around, he was in his room.

"What? Wh-" he mumbled a few words before getting up from his bed. Everything was so strange, was it really all a bad dream? The young lad rushed out of his room only to meet his family seated at the dining table, as if waiting for him.

"Someone's finally awake, sweet dreams?" Minho teased the younger one. More like a worst nightmare, was what crossed Hyunjin's mind. The younger took a seat next to his brother at the dining table as the whole family had breakfast together.

However, none of them spoke and it made Hyunjin quite nervous. Were none of them aware of What happened yesterday? He wondered himself and truth to be told, he was beyond dumbfounded of what was occurring to him. He might caught some kind of mental disease, like what he thought of the Captain.

Hyunjin started fidgeting in his seat before he even realised. "How'd you get home last night?" He threw a question to his brother. "I got home with Changbin, that reminds me. Where did you ran off to?" Minho asked.

What? Hyunjin just couldn't believe his ears. He was sure that his brother and the rest of the people in the castle, heck! The whole kingdom was knocked out by some spell. And now, Minho is asking him where he went. It was simply absurd to him.

"Are you alright, son? Your face is as white as snow." His mother's comment dragged him back to reality. "Y-yes, it's just... It's getting a bit colder, that's all." Hyunjin forced a small smile to assure his family as all eyes were on him now.

He excused himself from the table and quickly went to his room. He shut the door behind him and exhaled. His heart was unsettling. There was something odd happening and he was very certain of it. He knew better that his encounter with the girl wasn't some bad dream. It was real, but he didn't know how to prove it.

——— ☾———

"We're home!" Hyunjin exclaimed after closing the door behind him. His calling was responded with the smell of his mother's excellent cooking. He wanted to just immediately munch down the food prepared before his eyes but he knew better that his mother would tell him to wash up first. And he did so to please the woman.

As the lad put on his top, he stared at his own reflection in the mirror. However, instead of seeing a boy, he imagined a girl. The girl he met last night. Her presence was so real, he just knew it wasn't his imagination.

"I didn't even know her name." He thought aloud and shrug off the idea.

Dinner was normal, at least it seemed so in Hyunjin's eyes. He had reach a point where he was starting to believe that it might have been a bad dream last night. No way could anyone fall asleep with just a song. If so, it must've been some kind of magic casted upon the whole kingdom, which was quite unbelievable.

After dinner, Hyunjin excused himself to his room. Instead of plopping himself on his bed, he sat on a stool at a mini corner of his room. There, he kept all the equipment to carve. It was normal for a boy who spent almost his whole life helping his sculptor father carving, to also develop the same interests as his old man.

Arranged on his mini shelf, were all his handmade carvings. Hyunjin had carved a lot of shapes and sizes but he rarely put them on sale. He kept most of his creations as he thought they were too precious to him. Most of them were fauna based and each had a story to tell.

Tiger. He had one carved, as he recalled that a white tiger once caused havoc in the village. Although the tiger wasn't attacking, but its enormous size was enough to scare everyone. He also had his very trustworthy companion carved, his horse. It was special to him as the horse grew up with him. He also had a fierce dragon carved as a fortune teller told him that he was born in the year of dragons.

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