Chapter 18: I See You Walking By


"Brandon, can you come here for a second?" Victoria asked, standing at the door of the bunks.

"No" I mumbled, flipping through the TV channels.

"No? NO?"

"Yes Victoria, you heard me, I said no."


"If I go, Alex is coming with me." She sighed and jumped on me, kissing me.

"AGH! GET THE FUCK OFF!" I yelled, pushing her to the ground.

"Ow" She said as tears started to well in her eyes. "That hurt Brandon"

"GOOD!" I shrieked and slumped in my seat.

"Your mean"

"You know it" I spat.

"Brand-" I stood up, grabbed her by the back of her shirt and dragged her to the bunk room. I sat her on the closest bunk and looked at her.

"Victoria, give it up already! I don't love you, I never will, I love Alex, hurt her and I kill you" I said before walking back to the couch. Everyone was staring at me and I shrugged. Blade got up and stormed to the bunk room.


I have had enough of that bitch. I went to the bunk room and grabbed her by her hair. I dragged her out of the bunk room, past everybody and outside. I threw her against the bus and pinned her against it.

"OW!" She yelled. "BLADE! WHAT THE F-" I covered her mouth with my hand and stared at her.

"Shut it Victoria and listen, listen real good. You need to leave my fucking brother alone. He has Alex and is happy with her, shes not a cheating biatch like yourself. Your a selfish, unapprieceative little bitch. Brandon killed himself over you okay, you broke his fucking heart. He saved you so many times, you should be at home right now, getting raped and beat up by your father but no, he is in jail and you have been adopted by Jinxx so you get to live this wonderful fucking life that you don't fucking deserve. You deserve to burn in hell you bitch" I growled and removed my hand from her mouth because tears had started to roll down her face.

"Bl-" She was cut off by my fist heading to her jaw but hitting the bus instead because she dodged it.

"FUCK!" I screamed and aimed again, but she dodged it again. After 5 punches to the bus, my fist finnaly connected with her jaw. She swung but I swiftly dodged her. We punched each other a few more times before we were both on the ground. We were pulled apart, my dad holding me back and Jinxx holding back Victoria.

"Girls, what the fuck is going on?!" My dad shouted.

"THAT SELFISH, UNAPPRICIEATIVE BITCH DOESN'T KNOW HOW GOOD HER LIFE IS ALL BECAUSE OF BRANDON!" I yelled and tried to get out of my dad's grip. He carried me in and to the bunk room.

"Tell me what happend Blade."

"I told her she needs to leave Brandon alone, she should be at home right now, getting raped and abused but shes not because her dad is in jail and she is here, she is a selfish, unappriceiative bithc that doesn't deserve this life but gets it because of Brandon. I tried to punch her about 5 times before finnaly connecting my fist with her jaw, we threw a few punches back and forth and ended up on the ground." He sighed and walked me to the bathroom.

He bandaged my wounds and led me back to the bunk room.

"Blade" He started and sighed. "I know it's impossible for you to get along with Victoria just... please stop the fighting."

'I'll try daddy"

"Good" He kissed my forehead and led me to the bunk room where Victoria was sitting, curled up in a ball in the farthest corner of one of the couches. I snickered and sat down in my spot.


We stayed in a hotel that night and we got there and found out there was only one room avaible. We took it and CC, Ashley, my dad and Jake decided to get drunk, how wonderful.

They ran around, singing the La-la-loopsie song, the pillow pets song, singing their own songs randomly while my dad added some screaming.

CC ended up passing out in the tub, Jake on the bathroom counter, my dad on the place where they have the TV and Ashley on the air conditioner..

Alex, Blade and I shared one of the beds while Jinxx, Sammi, Annabelle and Victoria shared the other bed. Seth, Craig and Victor shared the pullout couch while my mom and Bailey slept on the chair and Delilah slept at the end of our bed. 

Alex, Blade, Delilah, Craig and I woke up and decided to wake up the BVB boys. Blade and I went over to my dad while Alex went to Jake, Craig went to CC and Delilah went to Ashley. On the count of 3 we clapped loudly in their ears and shouted at the top of our lungs and they started to moan. Our dad his us and grabbed out hands.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Now" He mumbled, rolling over which made him hit the floor with a thud. "Owww" He groaned but continued to lay there.

We eventually got back on the bus and headed to the next Warped venue.


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