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Nawsheen's point of view

"Make him jealous ?" she suggested her ninth idea.

"Nope, no way", I declined for the ninth time.

"Fine, I'm giving my last idea, which you have to accept."

"Okay," I replied while shrugging. She already used all her weirdest ideas anyway such as sticking chewing gums in his face so he gets to know his synonym so I don't risk anything, right ?

She tapped her chin thoughtfully. For a moment, I had a slight regret I accepted.

"Break in his castle and slap him while he's sleeping !" She exclaimed, clapping her hands.

"W-WHAAAAT ?!" I yelled in surprise, "Tell the aliens to bring you back, NOW."

"I'm serious. This is the best thing to do. It'll be an original way of slapping him. In his sleep. Or maybe you prefer I knock him out, so he is asleep and you enclose him in your wardrobe like Rapunzel ?" She said, totally serious.

"No, no, no, OKAY fine, I'm breaking in his castle !" I flung my arms in the air in exasperation. How the effing eff am I gonna do this ?

"Great ! We'll help", she said, smiling broadly.

"Who, 'we' ?" I asked, looking around, half expecting her boyfriend(food) to start talking to me.

"Oh, no one in particular", she replied.

After dinner, we piled up in my room to talk about my break in. Can you actually believe I am doing this ? Even I cannot.

"It's quite simple," she explained. Okay,"I'll arrange for you to be able to enter without any problem, you'll get a map of the castle and you can easily go in and slap him !"

"Oh great ! Then once he's awake, he calls his guard and I'm thrown in jail where I won't even be allowed to own a cat. What a great plan really !" I exclaimed sarcastically. She gave me a blank stare.

"It's not gonna happen", she said confidently. It really isn't going to happen !"

It's exactly like she knows the end to this crazy drama.

"Then what's going to happen ?"

"You're gonna slap him, he's going to wake up and beg your pardon, you forgive, he marries you and you live happily ever after with 69 cats and half the number of kids !" she sang.

"Sania, 69 divided by two doesn't give an exact number, you want me to have half a child ?" I asked. She face-palmed herself, "Not the point."

"When do you want me to go ?" I asked. After all, what's the worst that could happen ?

Me in jail, dishonor, no cats, no job, no happiness, death.

Wow. And I'm risking all that. Okay...

"Tomorrow night !" She said while grinning like a monkey.

"What ? I thought we needed to plan everything out."

"You think too much," she said.

"But you don't think at all !" I exclaimed. Tomorrow night ?

"Exactly !"

"It's like I'm fulfilling your wildest dream", I said with a sigh.

"Actually, my wildest dream is to say 'Living pumpkins with legs!' to a whole huge crowd of people", she announced dreamily. This girl...

"If you don't want to do it, just tell me. Think about it until tomorrow afternoon. If ever you change your mind, let me haaaarrrrr -know", she yawned while stretching her arms.

"You should go to bed, pumpkin with legs. I'll think about it" and say 'no'.


The next morning, I was reading a book peacefully behind the house when the Creepy Liar appeared.

"Heyy", he greeted, sitting next to me. I completely ignored him. So far, my plan is working. I still need to find 69 cats though...

"Why are you ignoring me ?" He asked, sounding hurt but trying to cover it. Still, I didn't even glance at him. It was hard, knowing that for a fact, I would rather be chatting away with him rather than knowing why the mail man stole the Queen's jewels in my book.

I read everything with my eyes, not taking in a word.

"You're boring", he finally said.

"Excuse me ?" I turned around to glare at him.

"You're bo-"

"I heard you idiot", I said.

"Ooooh Headgirl swears too !" He exclaimed like a kid.

"Since when is describing someone known as swearing ?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

"So I'm didotic ? Well, it's not me who has a boring life anyway", he said proudly.

"I do not have a boring life", I stated, not sure whether it's true or not.

"Sure, tell me one exciting thing you've done in life", he demanded and I cleared my throat and lifted my index finger up, ready to tell him about my fascinating adventures.

"Well, for a start I perfectly whipped cream on a hot chocolate, wrote a book, finished my school years without getting lower than 97% and -" he cut me off shortly by rolling into fits of laughter.

"You call these things exciting ? Tiring your pretty little fingers in writing a book no one ever read ?" He laughed and laughed, making me turn red of embarassment. It's true, no one read my book. And I hope no one will either.

"Oh, Come on.." He laughed.

"Fine, tonight, I'll break in your castle and slap you. Isn't that exciting ?" I said, feeling a sudden need to say this, just to shut him up.

He looked impressed, sure.

"Really ? I'd like to see a headgirl do that. I'll be in the first room along the corridor with the creepy statue. Waiting for you, my princess", he blew me a kiss while I faked vomitting.

"Am I that bad ?" He asked, looking concerned. I came to think of it. He wasn't the typical badboy you'd expect him to be actually. He can be nice, but he's still a major liar.

I bit my lip, "Hm" and looked up in the sky.

"Is that a 'hm' meaning yes or no ?"

"I'll tell you tonight", I winked. Its sounded a bit far-fetched but whatever.

He smirked and got up.

"Well, okay then"

He went away, leaving me to my own thoughts. I won't tell Sania about it. It's too risky. Besides, I won't be thrown in jail now, would I ?

That afternoon, I declined again when Sania asked me and she looked disappointed but nodded anyways. Almost immediately, I rushed to my room and picked out clothes in which I could easily move about. I also chose the right scarf because you know, there are some in which you become deaf or you suffocate whereas others feel heavenly.

I would be needing a rope, torches and batteries... Oh, and gloves ! I need to buy a pair. I truly felt like a spy. Was what I was going to do right, or wrong ?

Maybe neutral.



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