Chapter Forty Seven ~ Lecture

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I didn't bother to introduce myself. With any luck, I'd never see any of these idiots again.

"Here's a question for you all. What would you do if you saw a Jonin from another village infiltrating Konoha?"

There were many murmers among the class--girls gossiping, boys goofing around. There were a few shouts "Fight them!" And a couple snickers here and there.

I placed a hand on my hip and waited a couple seconds before rolling my eyes at their idiocy. I should have gone with my earlier tactic of just scaring the shit out of them.

"You run," a quiet voice said. The voice belonged to a sandy haired boy with large ears, not too popular from the looks of it.  He was smart, but he would only go so far without friends, without people to manipulate.

"Continue." my prodding was the only approval he would get for being slightly correct.

"Well... we aren't even genin. What could we do against an intruder? A jonin moreover. I would run and tell the hokage. He's the best ninja in the village, right?

I cleared my throat before answering. By now most of the class had quieted down with only a few children in the back whispering or sleeping. "She, and I wouldn't say the best. But very skilled yes. Most of that is correct, however. You alert the first ninja you see, got it you dimwits? At this stage of learning you're practically useless. Alert someone who can do something about it. Capiche?"

They responded with silence.

Iruka laughed nervously. "What she's trying to say is that you all have  lot to learn, and sometimes the most obvious solution--to fight an enemy head on--isn't the best solution. Okay, thank you, Kuroki. We appreciate your time today..."

"No questions?" A young girl piped up from the back of the room.

Iruka paled. I smirked.

"Qu-Questions!" Iruka stuttered. "Right! Of course, we don't want to keep Kuroki too long, and we do have our own lesson plans to complete, so let's keep it to about three questions, alright?"

Hands immediately shot into the air despite the earlier apparent indifference. I pointed in a random direction and let the children decide who it was I was choosing.

"Have you ever killed someone?" An obnoxiously loud kid asked. What a predictable, thoughtless question.

"Yup," I answered flippantly. "Next question." I pointed toward a different corner.

"When did you first kill someone?"

"When I was thirteen." I bared my teeth in the approximation of a grin. The ten and eleven year old children went quiet. I pointed once more.

"Do you regret it?" The sandy haired boy asked quietly. I regarded him for a moment. He was hoping that I did regret it, because he regretted hurting people. He wanted to know that he could be a shinobi despite this weakness, this softness that resided in him.

"There are paths other than what most take to serve Konoha as a ninja. Think about being a medic nin, or a code breaker," I told him dispassionately.

"I don't regret it for a moment."


I nearly crashed into Naruto in my hurry to leave the Academy building.

He looked up, met my eyes, then looked back toward the Academy. I raised an eyebrow. "Problem?" I challenged, just waiting for his usual mindless blather to come pouring out.

Naruto opened his mouth as if to answer, then closed it, shaking his head. Hands in pockets and shoulders slumped, he slowly plodded around me.

"Naruto?" I called after him. He ground to a halt after a few more steps, then pivoted, still not saying anything. "Shikamaru might be looking for you in a bit. About the code."

He nodded. I watched him for a bit, wondering at how he could act the way he did. I would have thought Jiraiya's death would push him harder than ever to avenge his sensei, but instead Naruto was depressed into inaction. With a shrug of my shoulders I turned away.

"You know," Naruto muttered awkwardly, voice quiet and depressed. I turned back to him. "I never really said it before, but... Congratulations on becoming a sensei. That's pretty cool."

I blinked. I hadn't actually thought of that. In fact, I didn't remember anyone congratulating me over it. Was becoming the sensei of a couple idiotic brats worth congratulations? Naruto was watching me expectantly, and I realized that he expected a response. "Uh... thanks?"

He mindlessly turned away without a second thought and I stood there, observing.

"Naruto," I called out again. He didn't turn, he just stopped in his step. I thought about what Kakashi said, and despite not actually caring for Naruto, it might do me some good to follow his advice-- and put myself in a good spotlight. It took nothing from me but pretending.

"We'll get those sons of bitches," I told him. He was still turned away, so I didn't bother to smile or look even vaguely sympathetic, barely refraining myself from rolling my eyes at his back. He didn't acknowledge me, so I repeated myself one more time, slightly louder. "We'll get them."

He gave a short nod before continuing his shambling walk. I have a short sigh and turned, walking in the opposite direction.

I would never be able to understand Naruto.


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