Chapter 18: It's either getting burned or burn others...

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Hello my fellow readers! has been utterly tireing. From haveing 5-6hrs of sleep (thanks to reading lol) and i would've gotten more sleep if it wasn't for my oh so lovely mom. So apparently it's a crime to sleep in at my one sent me the memo. So getting up 3 hrs earlier than i wanted to get ready for work, i had to get up and watch my 4.5 yr old he literally just sat and watched t.v, because everyone else was outside ready to start our garage sale. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. Throw into the mix of actually having to go to work when it was pretty dead and haveing an unbearable itchy eye, you now have a crank camper. Coming home I find the kitchen dirty, again. Since this my chore I have to do it...even if it means doing said chore 3-4times a day. So in closing to my mini rant, i am hoping for this full time job to work out so I can move the heck out! I mean come on! I'm 21 going on 22 and feel as though I can't stay out past 11pm...not. cool. grrrr...anyone want a room mate? lol I'm pretty entertaining!

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So as young people say these days…she’s a slut faced b*tch. No contest. “When you’re done with her…I’ll take her off your hands.” Amin spoke with a gleam in his eyes as he looked at Gordon. I could feel the pent up rage building within him so I knew I needed to defuse the situation, “He would never do that. Unlike you he has a heart that doesn’t mirror a coal’s black surface.” I spoke with malice. I grabbed Gordon’s hand and started to drag him out.



“This isn’t over Isis!” He called out to us. I sped up and left the room. Well, that didn’t accomplish much. Although at least I know how and why Amin was here. I’ll need to question more later when students weren’t threatening our time. “I want to punch that guy so bad it’s making my hand hurt just thinking about it.” Gordon muttered. I sighed and lent against his shoulder, “It’s only the second day of school. I’m not sure if I want to keep going. “ I muttered suddenly very tired.




Chapter 18:


Gordon’s POV:


I won’t kill him, I won’t kill him. I chanted over and over in my head. Part of me couldn’t understand how I was this angry. Yeah, I know he’s a total douche, but just the fact that he hurt Isis,…well it made me want to go back in there, and make sure he knows who he’s messing with. I felt crazy possessive over her! This couldn’t be normal could it?



“Let’s just get through the day. I really don’t want to go home early again…Jenna would kick the crap out of me.” I semi-joked. I knew she would though! Jenna can be down right scary when she wants to be. We made it to our first period and I saw the teacher give her the evil eyes since she just left yesterday. I glared at him making him look back at his work. “Excuse me sir? I’m terribly sorry for just walking out of class yesterday. I’ll make sure to not make it a habit. I was just having a bad day.” Isis apologized sincerely.




The teacher looked at her with a pleased but shocked expression, “Er…well thank you for apologizing.” He said with a small smile. Isis elbowed me in the side, “Apologize!” She hissed under her breath making me look at her in disbelief, “For what?” I asked perplexed. She gave me a stern look making me sigh, “I’m sorry.” I muttered looking down at my shoes feeling slightly embarrassed. I looked back up to see his face one of pure shock, “Uh…t-thank you for apologizing as well.” He stammered.

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