Chapter 020: "No, she's coming with me."

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                Will silently walked back into his room, leaving Brynn and Joyce confused and surprised. Brynn sat at the kitchen table while Joyce propped doors and windows open. Brynn heard a car door shut, then footsteps. She jumped to her feet, ready to destroy any intruder in her path.

"Hello?" Hopper's low raspy voice asked.

"Leave it open!" Joyce yelled back. He came inside, leaving the door open as he was told.

"Hey kiddo." He said when he spotted Brynn. 

"Hi..." She said quietly. Joyce came into the room, smoking another cigarette.

"Where on earth have you been?" Joyce whisper-yelled.

"I overslept. What the heck is going on? It's super cold." He said, gesturing to the open door. "You're going to freeze these kids to death."

Joyce motioned for him to follow her. Hopper followed Joyce down the hall to Will's room and Brynn followed after him. She was about to go into his room, when she got the same sickening feeling. She turned into the bathroom, then shut and locked the door. She looked at herself in the mirror, she was the same ghostly pale she had been multiple times. She sat down in the floor and took deep breaths, trying to get the episode to pass without disrupting anything. She started shivering, but not from the cold, from the fear that suddenly filled her body. The lights started flickering all around the house, voices filling her mind once again. There had to be a million more than last time. She clasped her hands over her ears tightly, in an attempt to drown out all of the voices, but it just made them louder, like they were trapped inside her head. The voice got louder and louder and the lights flickered faster and faster until...

...Everything. Just. stopped.

              Brynn uncovered her ears and looked around, everything was back to normal. The lights were glowing brightly as every light does. The only sounds she could hear was the distant mumbling coming from the bedroom. She slowly stood up and went into her and Will's room, where Will was scribbling all over several pieces of paper.

"What's happening?" She whispered to Hopper.

"He's drawing his 'now memories'."

"Now memories?"

"That's what he calls them."


30 minutes later...

          Brynn, Joyce, and Hopper were putting Will's drawings together like a puzzle. They all fit together perfectly, like a trail or river of some sort. They finished about a half an hour later, the papers were strewn out everywhere. They were going multiple directions like a big maze.

"Does this mean anything to you?" Hopper asked.

"No." Joyce said.

"You?" He asked, pointing at Brynn. She shook her head.

"Is it some sort of maze? Or a road?" Joyce asked. "I mean, It's sort of forking and branching like... like lightning."

"Do you think its the storm?" Hopper asked.

"No, the storm he drew was completely different. He used red. This is all blue and it has some weird dirt color. Maybe it's roots, cause, remember he said it was spreading and-"

"Killing." Hopper said, finishing her sentence. "He said they were killing."

"Vines!" Brynn and Hopper said at the same time. "He's drawing vines." 

Hopper went and grabbed his coat, Brynn was right behind him.

"No, stay here." Hopper said.

"No! There's something going on with my best friend and I'm going to help figure it out!"

"Brynn, we don't need anything happening to you too."

"I'll be fine! I can protect myself! I might even be able to protect you more then a weapon could!"

"No, Brynn, that's final."

"What if it was Sarah instead of Will?" Brynn asked.

"Brynn... please just go to your room." Joyce said calmly.

"No." Hopper said. "It's okay, She's coming with me."

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