Chapter Two

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   THE men who surrounded you watched every movement with scrutiny, blank-faced at the sight of so many helplessly crying and struggling to remove the restraints. Even when what sounded like an incredibly young woman let out a heart wrenching sob, that didn't even shatter them from their stupor, not even when one whipped out a weapon and shot her point blank, straight faced through it all, even as blood splashed all over him and what seemed to be pristine clothing.

The metaphorical staining of the warm blood of a living person onto the clothing would forever be permanent; but the literal stain would be there until he washed it and did the same thing over and over and over again.

Gasps tore out as blood hotly slammed against whoever was closest, small droplets resting calmly against the skin before cascading down, dribbling off onto clothing. The man closest to her—one of your coworkers—was covered with more blood than imagined, his mouth closed in a tight line as if to keep the blood away from entering his mouth, as it persistently poked against his upper lip.

The one who sat besides you visibly paled at the sight.

"So that exactly didn't go as planned," the man besides you muttered, trying to avoid looking at the blood that tainted the ground, once more trying to break his wrists free of the restraint.

But to your complete surprise, this time the rope snapped clean off, and he immediately jumped into action, smashing one of his fists into one of the guard's faces, a sick cracking sound following as his jaw bone clearly became disjointed, taking the surrounding ones by surprise.

What was even more shocking was when the blood covered man shook the rope from his arms, rubbing the skin in a soothing way quickly before grabbing the chair and spinning it in a tight circle, causing the last guard closest to you to fall. "Hoseok, I think we should consider jumping from the windows right now, because Jungkook is going to be pissed when he hears about how this went to complete shit." 

"Taehyung! Don't say my name, you dumb spinach!" Hoseok screeched and hit the back of his head. The other male kicked him harshly in the shin, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yah!" Taehyung exclaimed back at the male. "Don't use my own insult against me!"

"Anyways," your neck nearly snapped as you looked towards the supposed Hoseok, who frowned deeply, worry lines to digging into his skin. "Admittedly, it didn't exactly go as I had planned," he started. "But I guess it still worked out."

"Oh, so you planned for May to die?" Taehyung hissed out, painfully looking at the woman who laid motionless on the ground, surrounded in a puddle of her own cooled blood. Surprise crossed your face as you watched both of them pull out a weapon, solemn looking as each of the knocked out guards was promptly pushed to a world of death with the single push of a trigger, their blood hotly splashing against the cold cement ground.

"Did you not just hear me, asshat?" Hoseok shot back as he approached slowly, glaring at you bewildered look you gave , just having witnessed him killing a person. The moment his fingers touched the skin of your exposed wrist, checking the binding, an almost painful shiver skated up the length of your spine before it crashed back down, causing an ache near you tailbone. "I said it didn't go as planned," he explained through gritted teeth, kneeling down to fix the ropes around your wrists, deeming it to be tight already after a simple inspection. "Someone must have paid those men off, they weren't supposed to kill any of us."

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