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Calum's POV
1 week later

C: hey mike! I have a meeting
up near you, can I stop by?
They hadn't been texting as regularly and Calum was pretty sure it had to do with morning after awkwardness and Michael being confused
       I was feeling confused too.... just don't wanna admit it

M: kay- I'm in a lecture rn,
but I'm done in an hour

C: i'll see you soon!

Calum smiled widely when Michael answered the door
"Hey Cal" he smiled softly
Calum hugged him, giving a quick peck on the cheek "I got us coffee" he held out one for Michael
         "Thank you" He grinned, blushing a little as he brushed Calum's fingers grabbing the cup

They hung out on the couch for almost 6 hours, just laughing and talking before migrating to Michael's bedroom

"Do you... fuck-" Calum struggled through a breathy moan "Do you have condoms?"
Michael stopped short, sitting up and shaking his head "fuck! No I don't... I'll run out and get some..." he quickly pulled his pants back on, grabbing a sweatshirt "don't. move" he winked cheekily, whipping out of the tiny apartment to buy condoms

Calum breathed heavily, letting his heart rate slow to a normal speed again. Sliding his hand under his pants he pumped slowly, trying to tide himself over until Michael came back
"fuckkk..." his other hand went to his hair, running his fingers through the thick mop

Breaking Michael's "don't. move" command, he got off the bed to get a tissue to clean himself. The bathroom had a few pictures that appeared to be Michael and his dad when he was little, and one that looked a bit older, with a woman grinning at the camera... probably his mom. Seeing this, he cleaned quickly and scurried out... feeling a bit rude doing it in front of 'other people.'

"CaAalLl..." was called in a singsong voice, letting him know that he was back "watcha looking at?" Michael flopped on the bed, making it jiggle a little
"You were so cute!" Calum was literally the definition of heart eye emojis, holding an old picture he'd found on the dresser
"What, am I not anymore?" He laughed, fake offended "... Calummm..." Michael breathily whispered in his ear, dipping his head and nibbling a little on his neck "stop looking... I got the condomssss" he curled the 's,' sending shivers down Calum's spine
He started, by softly kissing his neck, pulling lightly with his lips to form a small purple bruise "Calllllll...." he whispered, kissing more, making more marks. His warm breath tickled Calum
"More..." Calum set the picture down and closed his eyes, letting him kiss. His shirt was already off, so Michael went for his jeans, unbuttoning, and roughly pulling them off
"Holy shittt.... make me feel good Mikey, like last time" Calum moaned
He crawled under the covers, kissing Calum's hip as he slid off his underwear. He spit on it, pumping slowly a couple of times, putting his mouth on it, before he suddenly sat up and shook his head "I- I- I don't-" he stuttered a little
"Are you ok?" Calum leaned forward, reaching a hand out to Michael "what happened?" A look of worry washed over his face
"I- I dunno- I just don't want to" he shrugged, embarrassed and blushing
"Oh shit- I'm sorry Mike" He cupped Michael's jaw, rubbing his thumb over his cheek
"It's not you" he shook his head "I- I just don't want to... I'm not feeling super great" he shrugged again "I'm sorry- fuck I'm sorry, I'll keep going- sorry" he apologized profusely, reaching down towards his hips again "shit sorry"
"No- Mike- d- shit" Calum's breath hitched as he put his mouth on it again "shit- Mike don't" He pushed his shoulders upwards, moving his body off of him "Michael if you don't want to keep going it's ok" he leaned kissing him lightly, rubbing his shoulder reassuringly "please don't" Michael burned with embarrassment "let me- uh- let me just go to the bathroom-" he looked askant "... uh- I- I mean, y'know"
"Yeah, of course- I'm- I'm so sorry" he put his head in his hands "god I'm sorry- this is so stupid"
"No- it's ok Michael-" he smiled softly, about to get up "I'll come back and we can just cuddle and order a little food or something, yeah?"
"That sounds really nice- thank you Calum, I'm sorry" he apologized quietly again as he shut the bathroom door

He could hear Calum deep groans get throatier and then quiet again as he finished
The tap ran and Calum washed his hands, splashed some water on his face, and wiped his hands, drying them on a wash cloth and exiting. He pulled his boxers back on and climbed underneath the covers to lay next to a now pj clad Michael "- feeling ok?" He rested his head on his shoulder
"Y- yeah... I dunno what it was... I- I just wasn't in the mood anymore"
"That's ok Michael" he reassured "I just want you to feel alright-"
"Thank you Calum" he lay his head on Calum's chest as he ran his fingers soothingly through Michael's hair, massaging his scalp
Calum kissed the top of his head gently "of course-" he smiled "Do you need anything?? D'you want me to get you some water?"
          "No-" he shook his head "thank you though... really- I'm alright"
"Ok, just checking" he kissed his head again, holding him in calm silence

"Do your friends know about me?" Michael asked quietly after a while, running his hands absentmindedly around Calum's torso
"Yeah! Of course" He answered with a gusto, making Michael's heart leap; he sounded so proud to talk about me "the band really wants to meet you"
        "What about your family?"
"Why all the questioning?" Calum laughed, his brow furrowed
        "I dunno" he shrugged "just thinking about stuff I guess..."
"Well... no..." Calum shrugged "I guess my family doesn't really know" he thought for a second "I- I mean I told my sister about you but like I... I dunno... " he trailed off "but what about you Mike? Do they know about me?"
    "Um... no" he bit his lip "well, people do, I guess, but like... like I haven't ever named you" Calum rolled his eyes, agreeing "for obvious reasons"
"They probably don't even know who I am" Calum laughed
"Well-" Michael shrugged "I mean I did, so..."
"Yeah, but that's just because I'm soOoOoo sexy" he grinned, kissing Michael's nose
He laughed, continuing to explain "I- I also don't have a ton of, like, close close friends anymore" Calum nodded, listening intently "my group of like really tight knit friends kind of cut me out because they were all friends with my ex before we started going out" he chuckled, "we only actually went out like twice and he ended being a dick, even though we had been friends for like three years" he shrugged "it's honestly kind of nice to not have secretly shit people around though- now I'm just focusing on myself"
"Well I'm glad to be your friend Mike- you're amazing and they're missing out"
        That made Michael laugh lightly "Do you wanna go out- maybe get some dinner?" He changed the subject "there's a really good taco place down the street"
"Yeah" Calum grinned "that sounds really good- lemme just put my clothes on-" he pulled up the belt loops of his jeans "-real quick"
         Michael kept on his sweats and grabbed a sweatshirt from his closet to replace his pajama top; going out pajama casual

"You've got a little something" Calum snickered, reaching out his napkin to wipe salsa off Michael's face, making him blush deeply
"I'm a very uncoordinated eater" he grinned "it runs in my family"
Calum laughed, taking another bite of his taco "you were right- these are really good"
He nodded "told you-"
"- but I'll have to take you to one near mine- it's far superior"
"I highly doubt it" Michael egged him on
"We'll see" he winked
"Well- then when you take me, you're paying" he smirked "I'll only pay for the good stuff"
Calum waved his hand "whatever- they're good, I don't need your negativity"
Michael winked, taking another bite

Calum's hand found Michael's as they strolled slowly back to his apartment, gripping it softly
"Are you staying over?" Michael whispered
"Can I?" He asked, seeing Michael nod "- then yes... I will"
              "good..." Michael murmured, resting his body on Calum's arm

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