001; New Friend?

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Sadie and Caleb were walking to school one Monday morning with their skinny fingers enlaced. Sadie was trying her best to keep her heavy eyelids open, she hadn't recieved much sleep the past few nights. Her parents had argued all night long and all she could hear were muffled voices and alot of curse words. Caleb noticed how tired she loomed and squeezed her hand.

"You okay?" Caleb asks

Sadie looks at her boyfriend and smiles. "I'm fine, just   tired."

Caleb smiles, "Are you awake enough to sit through each class?"

"Maybe," Sadie shrugs

"So I see your parents are still arguing?" Caleb asked

"How could you tell?" Sadie asks sarcastically with a surprised voice.

Caleb laughed. "Just a lucky guess."

"Can I come to your house after school? I honestly can not make myself go home." Sadie says

"Of course you can." Caleb says and suddenly slams into someone knocking the mystery person to the floor.

"Shute, I'm sorry." Caleb apologizes and helps the mystery girl stand to her feet.

"Its okay, I should've been watching where I was going." The girl says picking up her textbooks.

"I'm Caleb by the way, and this is Sadie." Caleb says

The girl smiles and puts a piece of her short black hair behind her ear. "Millie, nice to meet you both. Oh, and by any chance could one of you direct me to Mr. Burts class?"

"Oh he's on the second floor, turn left then he the third door to the right." Sadie smiles

"Thanks, I'll see you two around." Millie grins and walks inside the school building.

"She was nice." Caleb smiles taking Sadie's hand in his once again.

"Yeah, I think she's new." Sadie says as she and Caleb walk inside the school building and head their separate ways to their first class.

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