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"bella i'm taking you to dinner tonight"
dacre said putting his head on bella's lap

"fancy or casual"
isabella asked running her fingers through his hair

"uhhh fancy"
he replied shutting his eyes

"why are you so tired"
she asked

"just been up all night thinking about things"
he sighed

"what kind of things"
isabella asked

"mmm can't tell you"
dacre smiled looking up at her

"why not"
she groaned

he smirked

"okay i'm ready"
isabella said walking out of the bathroom

"oh WOW"
dacre yelled

"calm down"
isabella laughed

"sorry but you look am amazing"
he smiled

"thank you so do you"
she complimented kissing his cheek

dacre smiled taking her hand in his walking to his car. they sat in comfortable silence all the way to the restaurant. once they got there dacre got out and ran to isabella's side opening the door for her

"thank you"
she laughed

dacre nodded with a smile holding his hand out for her to take. isabella smiled taking his hand as they walking inside

"reservation for montgomery"
dacre said to the hostess

"damn reservations"
isabella said

"i know right"
dacre replied

"right this way"
the hostess said leading them to their table

"this place is really nice dacre"
isabella said with a smile looking around

"it's what you deserve"
he smiled

"it's what she deserves"
isabella laughed

"oh my god"
dacre laughed rolling his eyes

they both continued talking for awhile until their food came

"what kind of small ass food"
dacre said with a laugh

that caused isabella to start cracking up causing people to look. isabella started coughing

"i love choking"
isabella said coughing

"are you okay"
dacre asked laughing

"i'm good i'm good"
isabella said taking a drink of her water

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