000; Prologue

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Ever since Sadie's birth parents came home Sadie has been so happy and excited. Caleb thought her happiness was adorable and Sadie thought Caleb's laugh was adorable. The two were usually completely different but for some reason the two made an amazing couple. They hardly ever argued and always played around and joked with one another as if they were the best of friends. Everyone in school thought they were weird but they had learned to shut all the negativity out of their lives. Sadie no longer wore long sleeves to cover her scars, she however was no longer ashamed of them. She thought of these scars as her battle scars, she survived depression and survived her evil stepmother. Everytime someone new to the school asked what had happened to her she would just smile and say, "They're my battle scars." Caleb loved that Sadie was no longer ashamed of herself, he was happy that she was happy and when she was sad he'd feel a small pang of sadness as well. Sadie thought her family was normal and happy just like many other families, but her thoughts of that all vanished when she walked home one day and heard yelling and cursing from her parents bedroom. She heard this and tried to ignore it as long as she could, she sat in her room curled into a ball on top of her bed as if she were a scared five year old waiting for the monster in the closet to come out. Sometimes she'd climb out of her window and sneak over to Caleb's house until she was sure the arguing adults had finished their yelling. Caleb would usually turn on Netflix and let Sadie cuddle up with him while they watched a movie. Sadie would usually fall asleep and on weekends she'd stay the night. She wasn't worried about getting in trouble it seemed her parents were always to busy arguing to pay attention to her life.


First Chapter is finally done!! I know I went from happy to sad really quick but I promise this entire story is not sad. Alot of happy things are coming as well❤ xoxo

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