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Ch.46 Smile

Eventually we were discharged from the hospital, which made me happy. Im not to fond of lying to those who only want to help.

Savage pulled on a violet GMC car door and I stared at her confused.

" It's Kai, he felt bad after hearing what happened to you two. When he came for your birthday he decided he would stay until you were discharged, he's giving us a ride home." She explained as me and Lux got inside.

"Hey, you alright? You spazzed out yesterday pretty bad." Kai asked his green eyes looking back at me with concern, I sighed as he pulled out of the parking lot stopping before continuing on the main rode.

" I'm fine, I'm just a very complicated person." I admitted as I heard Savage sigh.

"No kidding, you knew you weren't ready and could have just said no to it all..." She lectured me ae I simply closed my eyes mentally agreeing.

We all sat in silence until Savage broke it again.

"Look. I'm not saying your dumb or anything negative, I'm just saying you need to pay more attention to what you can take. You have limits, we all do; but that doesn't mean you can try to force yourself to get over them. Be a little more considerate towards yourself would you?" She asked giving me a concerned glare as I nodded.

"...You should smile more, its weird seeing you without it..." Lux mumured hugging my arm as I patted her head.

"Smiling does suit you better, and your going to need it for school tommrow; and so will PB&J." Savage stated as I blinked.

"What do you mean?" I asked as Kai glanced back at me again, than keeping his eyes on the road.

"What does she mean? What are you saying? I may have been in the school for a small amount of time, but its obvious PJ is one of the most well known and popular guy in school." Kai stated as he stopped at a red light.

"Do you think you can be protected by him, sent to the hospital with him, and not get a reaction from the school once so ever; the people here in this town are like parahas, feeding off of any information they can find that seems exciting or questionable. Did you really think you could get away with that?" Kai asked pressing on the gas when the green light came on.

"No, not really. It would be nice if I did though." I replied.

" Yeah, well now that your out of that place you'll have to share your room with you sister until I clear out the extra room." Savage stated as I was surprised.

"How many rooms do you have?" I asked as she shrugged.

"Just four, five if you count the attic." She stated as I shook my head.

Eventually we got to our neighbor hood and Kai stepped on the brakes.

"I'm really sorry about all of this, honestly none of this would have happened if I wasn't at your place. If you need anything at all come and get me." Kai said as Savage scoffed.

"Kai, please...the best friend job is my role. You can be the support though." She giggled at the end as Kai rolled his eyes watching her step out if the car.

"Okay dove, what ever you say." He laughed as I carried a sleeping Lux out if the his car. With that he drove off and we walked inside.

Once inside we had sone explaining to do with Wild. I woke Trinity up while Savage started cooking dinner, Wild setting up the table and drinks.

After eating Wild apologized one last time for the whole party incident, then went up to sleep leaving the three of us to eat until we were done.

"Welp, good night my radical bro. You have most likely a horrible day tommorow." Savage stated giving me a pat on the back before walking up the stairs to her room.

I knew she was right, and now I have to make sure no one messes with Lux.

That'll be easier said than done.

"Come on Lux, we have a busy day tommrow." I said leading her to our now shared room.

We both just laid down in ed silently, not really knowing why sleep was so out of reach at the moment.

"...He's a keeper." Lux hummed as I turned on my side and looked at her confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"...You'll find out on your own, but i'm pretty sure you already know what I mean. do yourself a favor and don't do what you already did. Good night..." She stated closing her eye's and forcing herself to sleep.

I just turned onto my back looking at the ceiling of my room, brfore drifting off to sleep myself.

??? POV

I slid the window open quietly slipping on a jacket, stepping on to the tile roof as carefully as possible to not disturb anyone who was asleep or awake. I leaped off the roof gently landing at my feet hit the ground, and i was off.

I'm use to sneaking out, it became a habit of mine in all honesty. No one ever noticed I was gone, making it easier for me to do what I want.

Ever since the lock down incident...Nearly losing Fresh, and PJ... I can't stand to think of what could've happened.

"So if I do this... You'll help me?" A voice said as i stopped dead in my tracks walking up to a corner, I pulled out my phone putting it on record.

"We both have a similar goal dear. I have access to what you need, and you have access to what I want. You do this for me, and I WILL guarentee that he'll be yours once again. Do you accept my dear?" A woman's voice asked as there was a pause of silnce.

"...Deal, what ever it takes to get Fresh back. On one condition, I'll only give you what you want after your end of the deal it done." The voice said as I heard a chuckle.

"Fine by me..."

'Oh no...I have to find Fre- No, he's been through enough stress. I need to find Savage and PJ quick.' I thought saving the recording in my phone and texting Dream, and just when I was going to turn my phone off it started playing a linkin park ringtone making me panic.

"Who's there!?" A voice asked.

'Crap!!!' I paniced opning the back of my phone and taking the memory card out, putting the back of it onto the phone again opening the recording app as I ran for my life.

However the moment I rounded a corner I was punched in the throat and was pepper sprayed in the eyes, I fell gasping in pain as I slid the memory card into my underwear without them noticing I did so.

I heard some footsteps from behind me as I felt my self being held up.

"...This teenager has a phone, search them." The woman ordered as they searched my pockets taking my phone.

"Break it." She commanded as I heard glass shattering.

I suddenly felt all fuzzy in the head the moment a piece of metal touched my forhead with a zap.

"Here's an early christmas present, merry christmas." She said

I was confused and scared as metal touched my forhead, the next thing I knew I was dizzy and a sharp stabbing pain shot through my head making a loud annoying ring in my ears as I passed out.

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